Title: Keeper
Author: Kristine Williams
Genre: SF
Series: Keeper (1)
Copyright: 2009
Ranking: Excellent
LibraryThing: Title:Keeper
Reviewed: 2000-05-18

When Captain Alex Marcase heard his father had died, he expected his inheritance would fund his deep space expedition. When that legacy turned out to be a genetically altered slave named Evan, it spelled the end of Alex's normal, orderly life. The pair head into deep space with their enemies in hot pursuit, Alex's chief rival ahead of them, and a saboteur onboard. Book 1 in the KEEPER Series.

Original Review

The following review is one I made of the original e-book which was available on the author's page for free, way back when. The book (presumably revised) is now available as an e-book for a reasonable cost, at Smashwords.

I've been meaning to review this story (novel) for a long time, but you know that Round Tuit scarcity problem... This is by the same author who wrote When The Stars Walk Backwards, and one could consider it to be set in the same universe, simply because there's a mention of the planet Oblivion at one point, but otherwise the two series have no point of contact in common, apart from a general spacefaring civilization which still has a lot of the universe it doesn't know about.

This novel is definitely on my must-read list. Like "When The Stars Walk Backwards" this is also about the building of an unbreakable friendship, but the two main characters here bear no resemblance to Jim or Blair. But the obstacles to be surmounted here are considerable. When Alex Marcase went to retrieve what he'd been left in his father's will, he never expected his inheritance to be a human being! Evan was a Shah'erah, genetically engineered to serve one man. His Keeper. How do you teach someone about equality when they've been bred and programmed to be a slave? And that isn't the only problem... There's adventure and danger and doublecross as well. This is really good.