Title: The Deceivers
Author: Alfred Bester
Genre: SF
Copyright: 1981
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Binding: paperback
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He was wearing a jumpsuit of radiation armor, colored white, signifying executive level. He wore a white helmet with the visor down. He was armed, as all executives were in this quasi-military installation. He walked statelily across the floodlit concrete plain toward the giant hangar looming in the night. His control seemed massive. As the towering hangar, shaped like a domed observatory, a squad of black-armored guards lay dozing before an entry hatch. The executive kicked the sergeant brutally but quite dispassionately. The squad leader exclaimed and scrambled to his feet, followed by the rest of his men. They opened the hatch for the man in white who stepped through into pitch black. Then, almost as an afterthought, he turned back into the light, contemplated the squad standing fearfully at attention and, quite dispassionately, shot their sergeant. (opening paragraphs)

Wheels within wheels...