Gillian Bradshaw

I was astonished to find so very little on the net about one of my favourite authors, so I figured I'd just have to do something myself. Which, unfortunately, is very little at the moment.


What little there is to glean from the short biographical information at the backs of what books of hers I have, and other sources, is as follows:

  • Born in Falls Church, Virginia, USA.
  • Spent part of her early life in Chile.
  • Graduated in 1977 from University of Michigan, where she won the following prizes:
    • Phillips Prize for Classical Greek in 1975 and 1977.
    • Hopwood Award Major Fiction in 1977 for Hawk of May.
  • Masters degree in Classics from Cambridge University.
  • At the time of the publication of Kingdom of Summer she was living California.
  • At the time of the publication of Horses of Heaven she was living in England with her family.
  • She is married to Robin Ball, and they have four children.
  • Her interests include travel, classical music, and gardens.

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