Sentry Post

Editor: Linda Hutcheson
Universe: Sentinel

Fanzine at Graphics One

Issue #6

Reviewed by Kathryn A in 2000

140 Quarto pages, perfect bound, colour cover, photo illustrations.

Sensory Semantics K. Ryn

Good, intriguing idea, but not up to her usual excellence. Which isn't really fair, considering if it had been written by someone else I probably would have liked it more, not having the same high expectations!

Emily's Garden Anonymeek

I was confused at first by the use of the name "Emily", because I, not having seen all the episodes, wondered if this was supposed to be a character already known, so I went off and looked in my transcripts and found three Emilys in the series - and of course, this turned out not to be any of them. This was good Blair angst. I liked the scene where he talked to Mrs. Weis.

Active Observer Anna Kelly

Not bad. Some burble, some bad guys, some hurt, some action, some angst, some burble.

Toy Soldiers Kim Hamilton

Oh, this was fun! (What a pity I already had a similar idea and now I probably can't use it.)

We the People... Except DawnC

Good story. Chilling implications.

The Locket Sherry Lou Gallucci

Oh, good switch. The circumstances were built up to cause what otherwise might be considered absurdly farfetched - but it worked. That was good.

Almost A Sentinel (Sentinel/Champions) Sealie

This was what I bought the zine for - so I think I built up my expectations a little too high. It was still good, though. The extrapolation of the Champions characters was very well done (though I'm not really happy with what happened with Sharon!). Craig and Richard were caught spot on; older, wearier, but still themselves. And all very alone. Jim and Blair were good. Friends, things to be worked through, misunderstandings, peril, rescue, reconciliation. This was good.