Grave Surprise

Title: Grave Surprise
Author: Charlaine Harris
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
Series: Harper Connelly (1)
Ranking: Poor
LibraryThing: Title:Grave Surprise ISBN:978-0-425-21470-1 (Add Book)
Read: 2009-07-13

When I was fifteen, I was struck by lightning. I recovered, mostly. I have a strange spiderweb pattern of red on my torso and right leg. I have headaches. I have many fears. And I can find dead people. That was the part that interested the professor...


This author had been recommended by various people, so I finally decided to read something by her. Unfortunately... I failed to find the point-of-view character engaging. Oh, I persevered past the 50-page mark, but I just didn't care what happened. So I gave up.