Decalog 3: Consequences

Title: Decalog 3: Consequences
Author: Peter Anghelides, Steve Bowkett, Colin Brake, Guy Clapperton, Keith R A Decandido, Craig Hinton, Ben Jeapes, Jackie Marshall, Steven Moffat & Gareth Roberts
Editor: Andy Lane & Justin Richards
Genre: SF, Tie-In
Series: Doctor Who
Copyright: 1996
Ranking: ?Unranked
Binding: paperback
LibraryThing: Title:Decalog 3: Consequences WorkId 156617
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Doctor Who fiction anthology: "Ten stories, Seven Doctors, One chain of events".

I think I liked "Continuity Errors" the best. It demonstrates how the 7th Doctor is ruthlessly manipulative, uses time travel as a weapon, and at the same time, really is doing it for your good. And also portrays very nicely a changing past in the present.

Also of note would be "Zeitgeist", for it's odd and different parallel universes.

Here Be Spoilers

One needs a diagram to keep track of the chain of events here, so I think I'll make one. A table, anyway.

*'Title*' *'Characters*' *'Antecedants*' *'Consequents*'
(1) And Eternity In An Hour... 3rd Doctor, Jo time rift (10) Cerunnos, chaos creature
(2) Moving On Sarah-Jane Smith, K9 Cerunnos, chaos creature (1) wideband, multiformat transmission for help by K9
(3) Tarnished Image 1st Doctor, Dodo fake hologram based on ancient transmission (2) Princess Matraxa's head-dress?
(4) Past Reckoning 5th Doctor, Nyssa Princess Matraxa's head-dress? (3) random stranger questioned by police
(5) UNITed We Fall Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, 4th Doctor random stranger wants his revenge (4) signal from recall device?
(6) Aliens and Predators 2nd Doctor, Jamie, Victoria signal from TARDIS? (10) "Face of Humanity" artefact
(7) Fegovy 6th Doctor, Mel "Face of Humanity" artefact (6) advised the New Alexandrians to start a library
(8) Continuity Errors 7th Doctor, Benny library of New Alexandria (7) ?
(9) Timevault 4th Doctor, K9 ? briefly mentors Ts'ril
(10) Zeitgeist 5th Doctor, Turlough Time Lord interference, Ts'ril's knowledge(9) distress signal from TARDIS, time rift

The difficulty with Princess Matraxa's head-dress in (3) and (4) is that the Doctor assumes in (4) that the head-dress landed on Earth after he tossed it in the Void in (3), but the reference to the screaming woman in (3) obviously refers to the events of (4). The other thing being mentioned in (4) is that the origin of the head-dress is mysterious. So we probably don't know where it really came from in either case.