The Limits of Trust

Editor: Mysti Frank
Universe: Sentinel, Stargate

Fanzine at

Reviewed by Kathryn A in 1999

a Sentinel/Stargate-SG1 crossover novella by Sheila Paulson

This is actually a sequel to another story "Sentinels", but one doesn't have to have read that to understand this story, cuz I certainly didn't. The set-up in the previous story leaves us with a situation where Blair is known to the SG folks, and knows about the Stargate, but Jim doesn't. And that's really all one needs to know. Oh, and this is set after "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg", so beware of spoilers if you didn't know what happened there.

I liked this. I recognised Sheila Paulson from B7 fandom, so I did expect that she knew how to tell a story. Obviously, if you hate either The Sentinel or Stargate then it would be a waste of time reading this zine, but I think it did both of them justice. The theme of trust weaves through it, and characters work through issues. But it isn't just a nice touchy-feely story either! Some life-threatening stuff goes on too. (And indeed, the trust issues wouldn't have occurred without the action anyway.) Maybe some of the characters were a teensy bit too open with their feelings, but it was not too smarmy. And I liked the enthusiasm of Blair; that's more like the Blair I know and love.

Nice cover, and the very few illustrations were very good.

Addendum: (15/9/2002) This story is now available on the web. See the Net-fic reviews entry ?The Limits of Trust. The previous story "Sentinels" is also available; see the Net-fic reviews entry ?Star-Sentinel.