Rainy Days

Title: Rainy Days
Author: Lory Lilian
Genre: Historical, Romance
Copyright: 2009
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LibraryThing: Title:Rainy Days ISBN:978-1-936009-03-9 (Add Book)
Type: Owned
Read: 2010-05-22

In this alternative version of *Pride and Prejudice*, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are caught in a rainstorm two days before the Netherfield ball, and they are forced to spend a few hours alone together where they talk, listen, and better understand each other's feelings. However, even when the original pride and prejudices are overcome, new obstacles arise. The road to true love is never smooth, and surprises along the way enhance the passion of the journey.

  • (1) Rainy Days completed L End:2013-10-13 (historical romance pnp)
    a P&P AU cave-fic


This has the potential to be an interesting Alternative Universe. The characters ring true, and things are slightly different and yet the same. There was one point where I thought that events were too similar, but there was an explanation for that, since this apparently similar event was also a consequence of the rainstorm at the start of the story.

I lost my momentum, however, and I've postponed reading this with my bookmark on page 162.