Land Behind The World

Title: The Land Behind The World
Author: Anne Spencer Parry
Genre: TeenKid, Fantasy
Series: Land Behind The World (1)
Ranking: ?Unranked
LibraryThing: Title:Land Behind The World ISBN:0-86896-161-2 (Add Book)
Type: Owned
Read: 2008-04-07

When Bara finds herself in the Land Behind the World she meets people with strange powers. Why was she chosen to help them? What danger is there in the Fields of Silver? What is a Missing Person and who are the Flugs?


This is a book I read as a child. I only ever found it in a particular library, never again. So I was very pleased to find a copy in a second-hand books place in country Victoria. The copy is battered, but all the pages are there, so this is good.

It's interesting coming back at this as an adult. The concept of the Flugs is still as good as ever. I also really like the way that trust and fear are important in this world. Yeah, some things are a bit simplistic, but this is a children's book.

I was not so happy with the reincarnation aspect, but nothing's perfect.