Babel Interface

Title: Babel Interface
Author: Sheila Finch
Genre: SF
Ranking: Okay
LibraryThing: Title:Babel Interface
Type: EBook
Read: 2008-05-07

Veteran lingster Tomas Vizcano sits in an alien tavern on the frozen planet Gai'ek, countering the effects of a particularly stressful translation job with liberal doses of alien liquor. In two days Tomas will complete his contract and retire from the Guild, but when an odious Gai'ekian demands his services for a job that challenges his moral sensibilities...


I bought this from Fictionwise.

The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis strikes again. An interesting take on it, this. However, I was expecting more, somehow. Possibly I was thinking it was a novel when it was shorter than that.