Fool's Run

Title: Fool's Run
Author: Patricia McKillip
Genre: SF
Copyright: 1987
Ranking: Very Good
Binding: paperback
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Type: Owned

What is the connection between the band Nova, the high-security satellite-prison the Underworld, and the vision of the rugged border of an alien ocean? Not much - until fate brings them all together in one, long night.


The plot is one long event, like a waking dream. There's the setup, the event, and the epilogue. This needs to be read in one sitting or it may prove too much of a slog. But the epilogue, well, I like the surprise.


An eclectic bunch, painted well. Sympathetic. There are no bad guys. Just people trying to do their job, and people trying to follow their hearts (or visions), and people trying to understand. Picturesque characters.


Lyrical, atmospheric, visionary, poetic.


The idea that is the nugget of this is a good one, though if you analyse it, it seems too co-incidental, though the idea is a fascinating one.

I like this book for its style and poetry, and for the twist at the end. An action-filled plot it is not.

Sid & Nancy Scale: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds