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There are 31 completed readings.

  • (5) Tinker completed H Start:2012-9-4 End:2012-9-5 (sf fantasy)
    having a comfort read
  • (8) Our Friend The Dog completed H Start:2012-4-27 End:2012-4-27 (non-fiction)
    the story of a dog
  • (14) Many Coloured Realm completed H Start:2010-8-27 End:2010-8-29
    need to read this before WorldCon
  • (15) Wings completed H Start:2010-9-8 End:2010-9-8
    kid fantasy
  • (16) Rebel completed H Start:2010-10-1 End:2010-10-3
    The sequel to Knife
  • (17) HTML5 For Web Designers completed H Start:2010-11-22 End:2010-12-8 (non-fiction)
    from the folks at A-List-Apart
  • (18) Accidental Goddess completed H Start:2010-10-28 End:2010-12-16 (sf)
    borrowed again from J
  • (19) Blossom Of Erda completed H Start:2010-12-26 End:2010-12-26 (sf)
    an old favourite
  • (20) Zones completed H Start:2011-2-15 End:2011-2-16 (sf teenkid)
    Which Australian YA novels have the protagonists going to State schools?
  • (21) Tales Of Beedle The Bard completed H Start:2011-3-12 End:2011-3-12 (fantasy)
    Harry Potter extra
  • (22) Mouse And Dragon completed H Start:2011-8-19 End:2011-8-21 (sf liaden)
    sequel to Scouts Progress
    2011-2-15 and I got all the way through up until the epilogue and then I got stuck 2011-8-19 Now starting again. Glad this begins with a recap of sorts. 2010-8-3 This was the sequel I didn't even dream of. And it's lovely.
  • (23) Soldiers Duty completed H Start:2011-12-19 End:2011-12-21 (military sf)
    Military SF by Jean Johnson, first in series
  • (24) Truthseeker completed H Start:2011-12-30 End:2011-12-31 (fantasy)
    more than just a knack for truth
  • (25) Wayfinder completed H Start:2011-12-31 End:2012-1-1 (fantasy)
    second book in the duology
  • (27) Chalice completed H Start:2012-7-29 End:2012-8-3 (fantasy)
    new world by Robin McKinley
  • (30) Ravishing The Heiress completed H Start:2013-5-24 End:2013-5-25 (romance historical)
    recced by someone on my flist
  • (31) Legacy completed H End:2013-10-13 (sf audio)
    a Trigger Argee story
  • (32) Arranged Marriage completed H End:2013-10-13 (historical romance pnp)
    P&P AU where Mr. Bennet dies untimely, and Elizabeth marries Darcy in return for his assistance.
  • (2) Ultraviolet completed M Start:2013-3-29 End:2013-3-30 (sf)
    Must read R J Anderson's latest (not-Faery) book
  • (3) Sword completed M Start:2012-11-13 End:2012-11-18 (fantasy)
    First in the Sons of Destiny series
  • (6) Balance Of Trade completed M Start:2012-9-2 End:2012-9-4 (sf liaden)
    I like space-traders
  • (7) Local Custom completed M Start:2012-8-9 End:2012-8-15 (sf liaden)
    Audiobook read by Michael Shanks
  • (26) Elbow Room completed M Start:2012-3-11 End:2012-3-11 (sf)
    short story by MZB
  • (28) Omnilingual completed M Start:2012-8-17 End:2012-8-21 (sf)
    dated but still good
  • (1) Rainy Days completed L End:2013-10-13 (historical romance pnp)
    a P&P AU cave-fic
  • (4) Wolf Who Rules completed L Start:2012-9-5 End:2012-9-6 (fantasy)
    started, need to try again
  • (9) Scouts Progress completed End:2010-6-24
    re-read in preparation for Mouse And Dragon
  • (10) Noteworthy Courtship completed End:2010-3-14
    P&P meets You've Got Mail
  • (13) Soulless completed End:2010-8-5
    This was recced by a few people.
  • (29) Unexpected Miss Bennet completed Start:2012-12-22 End:2012-12-23
    PnP sequel about Mary
  • (33) Scouts Progress completed End:2014-8-26
    re-reading a favourite

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