Title: Legacy
Author: James Schmitz
Genre: SF
Series: Trigger Argee (1)
Ranking: Okay
LibraryThing: Title:Legacy
Type: Audio

Trigger Argee did not like being kept in the dark. But the adventure she plunged into would lead to a mystery about the Old Galactic civilization

  • (31) Legacy completed H End:2013-10-13 (sf audio)
    a Trigger Argee story


This was a LibriVox recording.


  1. Heroine is kept in the dark and told not to worry.
  2. Heroine takes matters into her own hands.
  3. Heroine is knocked out.
  4. Heroine escapes.

Lather, rinse, repeat.


  • A "feisty redhead" who can fight and shoot and be sufficiently cunning.
  • A female combat-trainer who taught Our Heroine everything she knows.
  • An absent-minded scientist.
  • A hunky major who becomes the heroine's boyfriend, partly because he can out-fight her.
  • A very polite, soft-spoken and cool villainess.
  • various convenient characters to do stuff

Actually, I do think the most interesting character was the villainess, because she was unruffled, intelligent and civilized, and more of a shades-of-grey character than a real villain. Also made better by the voice that the reader used for her; soft and breathy, and as I said, unruffled.


A lot of sitting around and talking, and describing things that happened offstage.

There are some bits which are imaginative and nicely described. There are also some amusing incidents.


Some nice tech, but the sociological underpinnings are very 1950s. The Hub's answer to rape culture is to teach female cadets hand-to-hand combat. Also, the attitude towards security is very naive; it boils down to "I promise not to say anything", assuming that nobody is listening, and knocking people out when they're inconvenient.