Our Friend The Dog

Title: Our Friend The Dog
Author: Maurice Maeterlinck & Alexander Teixeira de Mattos
Genre: Biography
Copyright: 1913
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Project Gutenberg: Id:18214

I have lost, within these last few days, a little bull-dog. He had just completed the sixth month of his brief existence. He had no history. His intelligent eyes opened to look out upon the world, to love mankind, then closed again on the cruel secrets of death.

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    the story of a dog


Overall, I like this. The writing is flowery and fanciful but also rich. Who would have thought that the description of the life of a bulldog would be something other than dull? But the author infuses this with imagination and empathy. Alas, the tale has the flaw that the author is biased against all other domesticated animals, which is hardly fair. The other odd thing to note is that the author is clearly an atheist.