Strange Attractors

Title: Strange Attractors
Author: Jeffrey A Carver
Genre: SF
Series: Chaos Chronicles (2)
Ranking: Poor
LibraryThing: Title:Strange Attractors
Type: EBook
Read: 2009-07-21

John Bandicut, the reluctant hero who saved Earth in Neptune Crossing, is stranded on the artificial structure known as Shipworld, searching for keys to its mysteries, when he discovers a Nemesis that threatens to destroy more than Earth.


So here's the second book (also from the Baen Free Library). I had good hopes for this, but found it of less interest than the first book. There are aliens, which are alien in appearance, but not particularly alien in their thought patterns. The world-building reminds me of the "Well of Souls" series in a way, but not so colourful. The perils and adventures feel like a lot of pointless running around, partly because Our Hero doesn't have a clear goal, and spends a lot of time just being confused. And he's not the only one. Also, the supporting characters seem a bit flat. I miss Charlie-One, he was fun.