Genre: SF
Series: Doctor Who

Initial reactions by Kathryn A 25-06-2005

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I've seen "Dalek" now... Wah!\ Ooooh. Very psychological. Twisty and turny.

I never thought I'd be sitting there wishing that the Doctor wouldn't kill a Dalek -- and being certain that he would.\ The Doctor is definitely a traumatized guy. Wah!

And the whole "give me orders" thing from the Dalek. Wah!

And the "You would make a very good Dalek." Ouch!\ Coupled with, of course, the "What are you changing into, Doctor?"

Note that Rose redeemed them both. Go Rose!\ Mind you, she's not the only companion who would have done that in similar circumstances, I think -- that is, not knowing a thing about Daleks and being introduced to it as a caged being that was being tortured. Sarah-Jane would have (ref "Robot"). Jo Grant would have. Peri probably would have.

Except that I'm not so sure how many of them would have stood up to a Doctor who was pointing a gun in their direction. Except that this is probably the first Doctor I can think of who ever picked up a gun... Not that he hasn't been averse to actually killing monsters in the past... But usually only as a last resort.

As I said, this Doctor is definitely traumatized.