• (1) Black Sun Rising by C S Friedman (Science-Fantasy)
    Twelve centuries after fate first stranded colonists on Erna, mankind has achieved an uneasy stalemate, and human sorcerers manipulate the *fae* for their own profit, little realizing that demonic forces which feed upon such efforts are rapidly gaining in strength.
  • (2) When True Night Falls by C S Friedman (Science-Fantasy)
    Determined to seek out and destroy the source of the *fae*-borne evil that is rapidly strengthening its control over the world called Erna, Damien Vryce, the warrior priest, has renewed his dangerous alliance with Gerald Tarrant, the immortal sorcerer known as the Hunter.
  • (3) Crown Of Shadows by C S Friedman (Science-Fantasy)
    For more than a millennium now Erna's humans have maintained an uneasy stalemate with the *fae*, that treacherous force of nature which feeds on the human psyche. ... Now one of these demons, a Iezu called Calesta, has declared war on all of mankind.