Blossom Of Erda

Title: The Blossom Of Erda
Author: L A Taylor
Genre: SF, Romance
Copyright: 1986
Ranking: Good
LibraryThing: Title:Blossom Of Erda ISBN:0-312-90268-9 (Add Book)
Type: Owned

Senior Officer Maele Sorenlon thought her orders were fishy, and the more she found out, the more suspicious she became. Why would a routine scientific survey be marked Top Secret? Under Officer SanDreleccur concurred that the situation was likely to be dangerous, and was determined not to be left behind. But neither were prepared for what would happen between them.

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    an old favourite


This is an old favourite. I remember I bought it at a remainder sale, read it, liked it, but thought it was mere mind-candy. The inscription on the inside cover of this copy indicates that I had discarded the book two times before buying this third and final copy. Why do I like it? And why did I keep on abandoning it?

The background seems like generic SF - a space-faring civilization, very Star Trek like. But the world-building is less generic than it appears; there are bits and pieces that are nicely creative.

The romance is nicely understated, and has a lot of things about it that I like:

  • It is a meeting of minds, at first, because the two main characters are brilliant loners who crave intellectual stimulation that they can't get from most people.
  • Psi stuff! Empathic bonds! (and described with subtlety)
  • While it's clear that the heroine and hero go to bed, it's very fade-to-black, something which is hard to find in modern romance. (Mind you, I suppose 1986 can no longer be considered quite "modern")
  • The romance happens along the way, it isn't the main plot.

Yes, there is an actual plot, with suspense and danger; this is a page-turner. It's also sprinkled with good lines.

There's nothing world-shattering about this novel, but it's a very comfortable read.