Title: D'Shai
Author: Joel Rosenberg
Genre: Fantasy
Series: DShai (1)
Ranking: Good
LibraryThing: Title:D'Shai ISBN:0-441-15751-3 (Add Book)
Type: Owned
Read: 2007-10-28

In feudal D'Shai, your birth determines your status -- and your own special magic. There is the Way of the Warrior, the Way of the Runner, and fifty other kazuh. Thus it has always been...


This was recced by JB as a favourite book, and it was, indeed, good, which sort of surprised me, since the only other things I'd read by this author had been a RPG-based series which didn't really work for me. This isn't a deep book, more medium-weight bordering on light-weight, but it works.

  • Good worldbuilding (yeah, derivative of pseudo-Chinese cultures, but that does lend it gravitas)
  • Interesting magic system
  • Likeable main character (ugly duckling style)
  • A cast of supporting characters one can respect (and tell apart very easily)
  • A good mystery.

Not sure how often I'll read it again, but it was certainly worth reading once. Also not sure if I'll look for the second book, since it apparently isn't as good as the first. But this book was very readable.