Title: Chalice
Author: Robin McKinley
Genre: Fantasy
Copyright: 2012
Ranking: Okay
LibraryThing: Title:Chalice

How can Mirasol, a simple beekeeper, be Chalice to a Master who is no longer human, whose touch can burn flesh to the bone?

  • (27) Chalice completed H Start:2012-7-29 End:2012-8-3 (fantasy)
    new world by Robin McKinley


I am beginning to suspect that Robin McKinley is going to be re-telling "Beauty and the Beast" in one form or another until she dies or stops writing.

Some interesting worldbuilding in this story, though it took a while for it to make sense to me. Which is fair enough, because it would have been annoying if the author had started info-dumps in order to explain the background.

However, the characters or the story didn't grab me the way some of her other works have done. I kept on skipping ahead and then going back again, a sure sign that it wasn't keeping my interest. I can't put my finger on why it didn't work for me, but it didn't.