Clan Of The Cave Bear

Title: The Clan Of The Cave Bear
Author: Jean M Auel
Genre: Historical, SF
Series: Earths Children (1)
Copyright: 1980
Ranking: ?Unranked
Binding: paperback
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The man in the lead glanced back and saw the woman kneeling beside the child. He walked back to them. "Iza! Come!" he commanded. "Cave lion tracks and scat ahead." "It's a child, Brun. Hurt, but not dead," she replied. Brun looked at the thin young girl with the high forehead, small nose and strangely flat face. "Not Clan," the leader gestured abruptly and turned to walk away. "Brun, she's a child. She's hurt. She'll die if we leave her here." Iza's eyes pleaded as she made the hand signals.

Speculative pre-history; spawned a genre.