Romance Of Crime

Title: The Romance Of Crime
Author: Gareth Roberts
Genre: SF, Tie-In
Series: Doctor Who Missing Adventures
Ranking: ?Unranked
LibraryThing: Title:Romance Of Crime
Read: 1995-02-10

I read this on a long train journey. Whether that means I'll be more, or less, inclined to be critical, I don't know. What does lack of sleep do to one's critical capability?

Anyway, I didn't end up liking this 4th Doctor - Romana II story. And I do like those characters. I found it too predictable, pedestrian, a tendency to tell and not show, and nothing that made me laugh either. How much interest can one generate from yet another crazy-revenge-driven villain? Okay, so there was more than one villain. Okay, so there was a bit of attempted comic relief. But no suspense. I mean to say, how much suspense can you have when a chapter title gives away what's going to happen in the chapter? (and what's worse, it doesn't happen until the end of the chapter!)

Give this one a miss. I don't think I would have enjoyed it even if I had had more sleep. I was considering giving up half way through, but I figured I had to finish it if I was going to review it.

Maybe I've been watching too much Babylon 5. I'm expecting too much of other things... 8-)

Kathryn A

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