Brothers In Limbo

Editor: Mysti Frank
Universe: Sentinel, Quantum Leap, Real Ghost Busters

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Reviewed by Kathryn A on 2001-03-12

I had had this recommended to me by more than one person on more than one occasion, so when I saw it lying there on the table in the dealer's room, it called to me, saying "Buy me, buy me..." and I did not resist. It certainly gripped me enough that I stayed up to the wee small hours to finish it. It did witter on a little too much (for me) about how deep friends all the friends were, and how anyone with good observational skills could see it (which I'm sure was one of the reasons so many people liked it) it just seemed a teensy bit belabouring the point for me. But it was a good crossovery crossover, no instant niceness or boring exposition, and some delicious moments and a couple of intriguing loose ends. The plot was good, tying in aspects of Quantum Leap and Real Ghostbusters in a nifty way.