Mutineer's Moon

Title: Mutineer's Moon
Author: David Weber
Genre: SF
Series: Dahak (1)
Ranking: Good
LibraryThing: Title:Mutineer's Moon
Type: EBook
Read: 2007-10-06

For Lt. Commander Colin Maclntyre, it began as a routine training flight over the Moon. For Dahak, a self-aware Imperial battleship, it began millennia ago when that powerful artificial intelligence underwent a mutiny in the face of the enemy. The mutiny was never resolved-Dahak was forced to maroon not just the mutineers but the entire crew on prehistoric Earth.

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This is a cool setup... though it probably shows my oddness when I probably like the AI the best (the little that we saw of him). Pretty straightforward military SF; Weber's good at the "impossible odds" kind of scenarios, though I must admit I like Honor Harrington better.