Really Angelic

Title: Really Angelic
Author: Enid Wilson
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Copyright: 2009
Ranking: Poor
LibraryThing: Title:Really Angelic ISBN:978-0-9806105-2-9 (Add Book)

Pride and Prejudice with a paranormal twist. In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen mentioned angels several times. What if there were real angels inhabiting England then?

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    sounded good but not so

In this spicy tale of Austen's historical novel, the romance of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet takes on a bumpy paranormal twist. Challenged by the intervention of demons and deities, can our favourite couple find the strength to forge their love? Will Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth overcome pride as well as prejudice, and find each other?

This steamy, emotional Pride and Prejudice retelling will take fans of the perennial favourite on an exhilarating journey that transcends dimensions.


The premise sounded like fun. Not that I expect the "angels" in this fantasy to be like real angels; more like good fairies, really.

Unfortunately, I don't recall the words "spicy" or "steamy" in the description of this on Amazon. Those words makes me fear the worst: that it's another one of those romances where lust takes the place of characterisation. Ah well. We shall see.

I decided I would approach this as if it had nothing to do with Pride and Prejudice, since I realized before long that the characters bore little resemblance to their canon counterparts. But even that wasn't enough to give me enjoyment. Judging this on its own merits, it still has a number of flaws: * the writing style is often stilted * the "angel" part of it wasn't the intriguing fantasy I was hoping for; I think the intent was for it to be madcap comedy instead, but it didn't really work for me in that way either * lust definitely takes the place of characterisation; indeed, the soft porn seems to be the main purpose of the novel

Definitely NOT recommended.