Title: Wayfinder
Author: C E Murphy
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Worldwalker (2)
Copyright: 2011
Ranking: Good
LibraryThing: Title:Wayfinder ISBN:978-0-345-51607-7 (Add Book)
Type: Owned

Lara Jansen is a truthseeker, gifted - or cursed - with the magical ability to tell honesty from lies. Once she was a tailor in Boston, but now she has crossed from Earth to the Barrow-lands, a Faerie world embroiled in a bloody civil war between Seelie and Unseelie. She seeks the Faerie prince Daffyd ap Caerwyn, whom she last saw near death. But he is missing. Armed with a magical staff both powerful and perilous, she seeks both him and the truth; but will that truth save the Barrow-lands or destroy them?

  • (25) Wayfinder completed H Start:2011-12-31 End:2012-1-1 (fantasy)
    second book in the duology


This kept me up almost all night, so yes, I would say that it's engaging.


Again, this had things in it that took me by surprise, which is good. On the other hand, there were a few points at which I wanted to shake the characters and say "Hey, haven't you forgotten that there is a SNEAKY VILLAIN wandering around who might actually have caused such-and-such?"


As I said above, there were points where I was frustrated with the characters because they were being more stupid than they should have been. One particular character who was otherwise normally levelheaded, twice did something stupidly impulsive which led to people nearly being killed (including herself).

Lara herself continues the journey of growing into her power, being aware that it is a weakness as well as a strength,


The descriptions of the Drowned Lands were creepy and spooky.


Some clever ideas about the Drowned Lands (and how interactions of different magics there could accidentally kill someone). As for the reveal about who created the staff and how, that was both clever and completely unexpected.