City Of Diamond

Title: City Of Diamond
Author: Jane Emerson
Genre: SF
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LibraryThing: Title:City Of Diamond ISBN:0-88677-704-6 (Add Book)
Read: 2007-10-27

It has been six centuries since the alien Curosa missionaries gifted Adrian Sawyer and his millions of disciples with three massive intergalactic city-ships to spread the Curosa Truth across the starways. But over time these ships strayed form their original missionary purpose, and the two largest, City of Diamond and City of Opal become embroiled in a vicious struggle for political domminance.


I started this while staying with NM, highly recommended by her. My vacation finished before I finished the book (624 pages) so I can't be wholly sure of its goodness.

Certainly promising. Spacefaring civilizations, culture clashes, sympathetic characters, despicable characters (but who also have admirable traits), hints of mysterious pasts, good stuff. The downside is that one really needs to sit down and read it fast, with concentrated attention, because it is so long.