== (1.5) The First Commandment

=== General

Not a bad episode at all, really. Extrapolating a reasonable circumstance: since most of the peoples they meet seem to assume that anyone coming through the Stargate is a god, what //would// happen if an SG team (or leader of same) let that go to their heads? Tossed in a lot of theatrically biblical references (though Daniel didn't get everything right, he seemed to be confusing Abraham and Adam at one point). Some good psychological bits -- kudos to the guy playing Hanson for making him convincing.

So, does Hanson qualify as the first Dead Boyfriend Of The Week? Probably not, because he was an ex-boyfriend.

I liked the shots of the blazing sun which they kept on cutting back to; it gave a good atmosphere to it.

As for the people, what I figure happened was that the Goa'uld brought in a slave labour force to mine for ore, and when the mines ran out, they turned off the shield devices and left them to die. It's in keeping with Apophis's orders that all those taken but not chosen as hosts (in Children of the Gods) should be killed -- a completely wasteful and useless exersize, but one in keeping with an attitude that one demonstrates power by ruthless cruelty. As Teal'c said in a later episode, what the Goa'uld cannot have, they destroy.

I do think it was a good scene between Carter and Hanson where she threatens him with a gun, because it points out that all that a gun can actually do is kill or wound someone -- it is the human being behind the gun who has to persuade someone to cooperate with their demands. Which is rather a problem when one doesn't actually //want// to kill the person one is pointing the gun at, and they know it. But I liked Jack's little homily about that at the end, too. Wrapped it up rather nicely.

=== Characters

More focus on Carter in this one. And they seem to be settling in to a better balance, because she was reasonably tough without being overly macho.

Nice little bit where they try to get Teal'c to smile to make him more reassuring, and it doesn't work.

=== Quotable Quotes

Jack: Does it say Colonel anywhere here on my uniform?

Daniel: This tastes like chicken. Carter: What's the problem? Daniel: It's macaroni and cheese. }}}

=== Fiddly Details

Interesting to note that SG-9 had a resident anthropologist.

Teal'c says that many Stargate worlds were terraformed by the Goa'uld centuries ago. Yet Carter says that the radiation shield device uses the same kind of circuitry as the Gate. Did they know at that point that the Goa'uld had not built the Stargate system? I don't think they did. So, either (a) the Goa'uld used Ancient technology in their terraforming (possible) or (b) the Goa'uld lied about terraforming; it had actually been done by the Ancients (also possible).

I had gotten the impression that Stargates tended to be on human-habitable worlds because the Ancients were basically human.

Daniel wasn't carrying a gun this time.