(2.3) Deep Water

(commented on by Kathryn A)


I like this one because we find out more about Jim's past. Jim was a hot-shot in Vice, Simon was a new broom in Major Crimes, Jim had a bad attitude and dressed like someone in Vice would dress. And Jack taught Jim a lot about being a cop.

(Note that Jack Cortese, who played Jack Pendergrast, also played a cop, Jack Breslin, in the short-lived SF/cop series "Something Is Out There", which was a spin-off of the mini-series of the same name. There's a crossover idea for ya!)

Considering the way that Jim used to be, even to having an earring, it's surprising that he had all these stereotypical prejudices about Blair when they first met.

The other thing that makes you wonder, though, is why Jim was like that, considering that he would have been straight out of the army when he joined Cascade PD (and presumably Vice). Unless, of course, he wanted to get as far away from the army image as he could, for a couple of reasons: (1) he was disenchanted with he army and (2) there would have been a media circus when he got back from Peru, and he might have wanted to remake his image so as not to be so recognisable. And a possible (3) he wanted to fit in with the guys in Vice. Which makes you wonder why he transferred to Major Crimes. Considering his attitude, he wasn't that happy with the transfer.

I also wonder, about that attitude, and Jim's carelessness (as evidenced by the mayhem that Simon was chewing him out about just before he assigned him to Jack) whether Jim was unhappy and somewhat self-destructive at that point in his life. Considering that the Jim of Switchman onwards is Mr. Responsible and Mr. Guilt-trip, whereas the Jim of four years before seemed like he didn't give a damn.

It also makes me wonder when he met Carolyn, and how long they were married for. He obviously isn't married to her in the flashbacks -- though he's living in the loft. It seems likely, then, that he met her after Jack's death, and that she moved in with him, rather than them getting a place jointly; which explains the remark in "The Killers" that Carolyn "never seemed to like it" (the loft) -- since she'd actually had no part in choosing it.

I like the double meaning of the title - that Jack's car was found in deep water, thus starting this thing off; and that Jim was in figurative "deep water" with all the accusations flying.

Someone pointed out that the thing with the army back-pay being untraceable actually doesn't make sense, because whether or not he was working for covert ops, he was still working for the army, and the assignments he was given wouldn't have affected the paymaster's office; army pay is army pay, and there would have been a paper trail. But it sure sounded good.

This episode, the plot was one long chain of co-incidence conspiring to make Jim look bad! (grin)

The other question about Jim and Jack is, how long were they working together? Long enough for Jack to teach Jim a lot and get his loyalty, but not long enough for Jim to stop wearing baseball caps!

I wonder... does Blair have training as a hypnotist? Because he seems to be using it often enough. Or maybe it comes from his knowledge of meditation.


  • used to be in Vice, and was considered a "hot shot" there.
  • dressed like it, too - even had an earring!
  • was, and still continued to be loyal to his partner Jack.
  • has a long-time habit of high-speed car-chases and wrecking cars, and, funny, it's a habit he still has four years later...
  • owns the loft, bought it four years ago with his army back-pay, where he had been formerly renting it.
  • used to just do things without considering the consequences.
  • loses his appetite when troubled.
  • is very concerned about Jim.
  • is observant - figures there was something between Jim and Emily as soon as he saw them interacting.
  • still keeps on coming up with amazing senses ideas.
  • tries to keep his troubled Sentinel fed (on salad, mind you...)
  • trusts Jim enough to look the other way for him.


  • smells the body in the trunk of the car.
  • feels the dent made by the bullet in the door of the car.
  • remembers the phone message from four years before.
  • smells the brake fluid.
  • sees (and follows) the brake-fluid drips down the road.
  • listens for Dent's breathing and heartbeat in the crashed car.

Observed by:

  • Simon&Blair (no surprise)

Favourite Bits

Getting to see Vice-Jim.

"Those concerned looks - like somebody's lost puppy dog."