(1.10) Vow of Silence

(commented on by Kathryn A)


Now, have the guys got mucho communications problems here or what? Why didn't Blair tell Jim before they left, exactly where they were going? Or if he did, why didn't Jim listen? I mean, how does "We're going to a monastery for a retreat" translate into "We're going to a resort with a golf course"? Well, obviously it can't. So, Blair didn't tell him. Why not? Was it a case of "mislead Jim, otherwise he will never come"? But it can't have been totally that, because Blair did say "retreat", even if he didn't say "monastery", so why did Jim translate "retreat" as "resort"? Sounds like Jim was so totally not listening.

But I didn't like it, it made Jim look like a fool. Well, he was being a fool.

But it also doesn't make a great deal of sense, since surely Blair could have asked about the golf clubs when Jim was packing the truck, not when they were waiting for the bus. Oh well.

On the other hand, as others have pointed out, this whole bit can also be seen as the amount of trust that Jim puts in Blair - the fact that Blair persuaded him to go away, without having the exact details. That Blair wanted to give Jim a surprise. A pleasant one. And also, of course, that Blair is looking out for Jim, since he finds out that Jim really needs a break, and manages to persuade him to take one.

However, why did they have to leave Jim's truck and be picked up by the monastery bus? Another one of the monastery rules: thou shalt not bring thy own transport? (Of course, it was a plot device: if they'd had Jim's truck then that would have been another form of transport. Not that the bad guy couldn't have slashed the tyres on Jim's truck as well as the bus, but if Jim had had his truck there, then he wouldn't have been forced to stay the night).

They weren't bad with the portrayal of the monks... though it is ironic that the one who expressed the most pious lack of fear - was the killer himself.

The stand on non-violence was interesting. I'm not sure what the message was supposed to be, having Brother Jeremy break his vow to save Jim. Though I'm reminded of what Luther said: When you sin, sin boldly. On the other hand, Brother Jeremy doesn't appear to have read Luther (then again, why would he, Luther was the first Protestant...)


  • plays golf.
  • hasn't had a day off in over a year.
  • is seeing someone called Sharon (I wonder how long that lasted?)
  • once he's in cop mode, he's in take-charge mode and nobody intimidates him. He's got a job to do, and that takes priority. He still tries to be polite when he takes charge, though. It's his "I'm a cop, gotta look after the civilians" mode.
  • has been to St. Sebastian's monastery before.
  • is good friends with Brother Marcus.
  • has a great respect for the monastic life (though he wouldn't do it himself)


  • finds the holes drilled near the top step of the bell tower
  • notices the holes still have dampness, thus recently drilled
  • smells the kerosene from the light-bulb in Christopher's room
  • sees the kerosene in the light-bulb in Christopher's room

Observed by:

  • Blair only

Favourite Bits

Where Blair and Marcus greet each other at the start.

Where all the monks come forward claiming to be Jackie Kozinski.

The fight with the monks praying.