Blake's Dozen

by Kathryn A

That's right. Dozen. Though throughout the series of Blake's 7 the crew of the Good Ship Liberator/Scorpio comprised between four and eight at one time (or three and six if you don't count Artificial Intelligences), if you add them all up, there were a dozen Good Guys, including Blake himself.

So who were they, and who were the Bad Guys? No long-drawn-out and controversial character analyses here, just the facts, the whole facts, and nothing but the facts (so if you don't like spoiled surprises, such as the manner of their deaths, do not read on...). For the sake of brevity in the following, episodes are either referred to by episode code or name; a list of episodes is appended to help decode this. And there are lots of illuminating quotes!

Roj Blake (Blake)


  • A1-B13, (C13), D13

Comes From:

  • Earth - Alpha Grade


  • Engineer (Cygnus Alpha, original script) Worked on the Federation Teleport Project at one point. (SpaceFall) leader of the Freedom Party, rebel, freedom fighter


  • Sedition - brainwashed by the Federation to betray all his collegues in the Freedom Party, then brainwashed to forget he had ever been involved in the Freedom Party.
  • Child Molestation (framed) - sentenced to Transportation to Cygnus Alpha (The Way Back) The children he was supposed to have molested had false memories implanted, so they believed they were telling the truth. Their names were Renor Leesal, Carl Decca and Payter Fen.


  • immediate family emigrated to Outer Worlds - killed on arrival (The Way Back)
  • Uncle Ushton (father's brother) on low-grade penal colony XBar
  • Ushton's daughter Inga, ditto. (Hostage)
  • clone-Blake, not an actual clone, but a copy from Blake's gene-record, created by the Clone Masters at Servalan's request as part of a trap. He ended up living on an unnamed planet with the ex-bond-slave Rashell, guarding the weapon IMIPAK. (Weapon)


  • Ravella, Richie, Bran Foster - killed by troopers (The Way Back)
  • Avalon, freedom fighter. Assumed alive. (Project Avalon)
  • the crew of the Liberator -> Avon, Vila, Jenna, Gan, Cally (A, B)


  • Charismatic, manipulative, idealistic, trusting, stubborn.
  "His death could be used by the dissidents - they need a hero.
  Alive or dead, Blake could be it."
  -- Alta Morag   (Blake's 7: The Way Back (A1))

  Jenna:  Back to Earth?
  Blake:  Yes. That's where the heart of the Federation is. I intend to
          see that heart torn out.
   Avon:  I thought you were probably insane.
  Blake:  That's possible! They butchered my family, my friends. They
          murdered my past and gave me tranquilized dreams.
  Jenna:  At least you're still alive.
  Blake:  No! Not until free men can think and speak. Not until power is
          back with the honest man.
   Avon:  Have you ever met an honest man?
  Jenna:  (Glances at Blake) Perhaps.             (Blake's 7: Spacefall (A2))

  Avon: I still think this is a stupid risk.
  Blake: Which I'm taking.
  (Blake's 7: Cygnus Alpha (A3))

  "You're pathetic!  I should leave you here to rot!  You want to live
  like slaves, live or die at the whim of a madman then fine - but you're
  not taking me down with you - I'm getting out!  I'm better off without
  -- Roj Blake                    (Blake's 7: Cygnus Alpha (A3))

  "The choice is very simple - you can either fight, or you can die."
  -- Roj Blake                    (Blake's 7: Cygnus Alpha (A3))

  Jenna:    I don't like the sound of that.
  Avon:     Neither do I.  I thought it was agreed we wouldn't do
            anything without discussing it thoroughly.
  Blake:    True.  It was also agreed that anybody could opt out at
            any time.  Just tell me when you want to leave.
   (Blake's 7: Time Squad (A4))

  "Blake is becoming a legend.  His name is a rallying call
  for malcontents of all persuasions - he must be stopped."
  -- Counselor Bercol, to Servalan
  (Blake's 7: Seek-Locate-Destroy (A6))

  "He has one reliable flaw: loyalty."
  -- Space Commander Travis, on Roj Blake
  (Blake's 7: Seek - Locate - Destroy (A6))

  "He's got a conscience.  He might not be prepared to kill you."
  -- Vila Restal, of Roj Blake, to Kayn
          (Blake's 7: Breakdown (A10))

  "I shall destroy your hands..."
  -- Roj Blake (to Professor Kayn)  (Blake's 7: Breakdown (A10))

  Kommissar:  So you're a Resister. Some malfunction of the genes, I
              suppose. It throws up a Resister about every hundred
              thousand. Mostly they're detected in infancy.
  Blake:      I was a late developer.             (Blake's 7: Horizon (B4))

  Blake:  All right, I didn't expect you to welcome the idea.
          That's why I misled you just a little.
   Avon:  That's very diplomatically put.
  Blake:  Is my phraseology your only complaint, Avon?
   Avon:  No, but it is my only surprise.
   (Blake's 7: Pressure Point (B5))

  "We have to think like Blake. Think how he would act in a situation
  like this. Now where is the most dangerous place he could go? The last
  place we would think of searching for him? The Forbidden Zone, he'd go
  into the Forbidden Zone. That's what he came for, and that's where he'll go."
  -- Travis       (Blake's 7: Pressure Point (B5))

  "From Alphas to Labor Grades know of Blake's defiance
  of the Federation.  They talk of him as a sort of hero."
  -- Counselor Joban, to Servalan (Blake's 7: Hostage (B8))

  "We have to win, it's the only way I can be sure that I was right!"
  -- Roj Blake    (Blake's 7: Star One (B13))

  "He is strongly identified with rebels, you see,
   and very popular with rabbles.  They will follow him, and he
   will fight to the last drop of their blood."
  -- Kerr Avon    (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

   Deva:  These stupid games you insist on playing, Blake, will get
          someone killed eventually.
  Blake:  I have to test each one myself.
   Deva:  No, you don't have to!  I set up systems for that.  I broke
          the security codes on their central computer.  I got us access
          to official channels, information, everything we could
          possibly need!  You don't need to be involved at all.
  Blake:  All right, I find it difficult to trust.  It's a failing, I
  (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

   Avon:  Is it true?
  Blake:  Avon, it's me, Blake.
   Avon:  Stand still!  Have you betrayed us?  Have you betrayed me?!
  Blake:  Tarrant doesn't understand!
   Avon:  Neither do I, Blake!
  Blake:  I set all this up!
   Avon:  Yes!
  Blake:  Avon, I was waiting for YOU.            (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

Manner of Death:

  • Shot in the torso by Avon, when Avon thought Blake had sold them out, that Blake's disguise as a bounty hunter was not a disguise. (Blake) The irony was that Avon was wrong, Blake had not betrayed them, but Blake himself had been betrayed. Another possibility is that the man Avon shot was the clone, but it seems unlikely.

Kerr Avon (Avon)


  • A2-D13

Comes From:

  • Earth - Alpha Grade


  • Computer Technician at one point, he did computer analysis for the Federation Teleport Project, but didn't meet Blake (it was a large project). (SpaceFall) also knows a little about androids (Project Avalon)


  • Computer Fraud (ripped off the Federation Banking System) - sentenced to Transportation to Cygnus Alpha (SpaceFall)
  • Vila said the amount stolen was 5 million credits (SpaceFall) but the Ultra said it was 500 million (Ultraworld).


  • brother mentioned (SpaceFall)


  • Tynus, whom he did something criminal with but didn't expose when he was caught. Avon killed him in self-defence. (Killer)
  • Anna (nee Grant)/Sula/Bartolemew: was Avon's lover while he was working on the fraud, they were going to run away together with the money, but Avon was shot while buying black-market exit visas, was looked after by helpful persons unknown, and by the time he was well, he'd heard that Anna was dead, that she'd come looking for him, was caught, and died under torture. (Countdown) However, it turns out that she wasn't dead after all, that she was really a Federation agent put onto Avon because they thought he was politically motivated. She was married to Counselor Chesku, under the name of Sula, killed him, and led a revolt and captured Servalan in her own palace. She was killed by Avon (whether it was revenge or self-defence is a matter of much debate). (Rumours of Death)
  • Del Grant, mercenary freedom fighter, who swore to kill Avon because he thought Avon had abandoned Anna to be tortured to death. They made it up when Avon saved his life (because Grant was Anna's brother). Assumed alive. (Countdown)
  • the crew of the Liberator -> Blake, Vila, Jenna, Gan, Cally (A, B)
  • the crew of the Liberator -> Vila, Cally, Dayna, Tarrant (C)
  • the crew of the Scorpio -> Vila, Dayna, Tarrant, Soolin (D)


  • cynical, intelligent, untrusting, loyal, keeps his word, walled, decisive, into money, ruthless, strong-willed, hung up about betrayal, curious.
  Blake:  What went wrong?
   Avon:  I relied on other people.       (Blake's 7: Spacefall (A2))

   Avon:  Nobody on this ship could do it.
  Blake:  Except you.
   Avon:  Naturally.              (Blake's 7: Spacefall (A2))

  "Luck has nothing to do with it."
  -- Kerr Avon                    (Blake's 7: Spacefall (A2))

  "Wealth is the only reality. And the only way to obtain wealth is to
  take it away from somebody else. Wake up, Blake! You may not be
  tranquilized any longer, but you're still dreaming."
  -- Kerr Avon                    (Blake's 7: Spacefall (A2))

  "Very delicate.  You know, with hands like that and a decent upbringing,
  he might have made a respectable pick pocket."
  -- Vila Restal, of Kerr Avon    (Blake's 7: Time Squad (A4))

  Gan:      I don't think Blake would agree to that.
  Avon:     There will come a time when he won't be making the decisions.
          (Blake's 7: The Web (A5))

  Jenna: Avon's right.
  Avon: I usually am.             (Blake's 7: Seek-Locate-Destroy (A6))

  "It is frequently easier to be honest when you have nothing to lose."
  -- Kerr Avon            (Blake's 7: Mission to Destiny (A7))

  "Personally, I don't care if the whole planet turns into a
  mushroom.  I shall stay because I don't like an unsolved mystery."
  -- Kerr Avon            (Blake's 7: Mission to Destiny (A7))

  Cally: I thought you mistrusted instinct?
  Avon: I do.  So I am probably wrong.
  (Blake's 7: Mission To Destiny (A7))

  "He was calling me a machine, but since he undoubtably defines himself
  as a human being, I shall choose to accept that as more of a compliment
  than anything else."
  -- Kerr Avon  (Blake's 7: Duel (A8))

  "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational
  in order to prove that you care, or indeed why it should be necessary
  to prove it at all."
  -- Kerr Avon  (Blake's 7: Duel (A8))

  Avon: Staying with you requires a degree of stupidity
  of which I no longer feel capable.
  Blake: Now, you're just being modest.           (Blake's 7: Breakdown (A10))

  Vila (to Avon): Counting yourself,
   that makes two people who think you're wonderful.
          (Blake's 7: Deliverance (A12))

  Vila:  What about you?
  Avon:  What about me?
  Vila:  Why don't you go?
  Avon:  YOU are expendable.
  Vila:  And you're not?
  Avon:  No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.
  (Blake's 7: Horizon (B4))

  Avon:       Therefore I do not need Blake, I do not need any of the
              others ...
  Orac:       Is that a question?
  Avon:       ... I do not need anybody at all.
  (Blake's 7: Horizon (B4))

  Vila: There aren't even any people down there.
  Avon: So it has at least one aspect of paradise.
  (Blake's 7: Trial (B6))

  "If there had ever been a time when I could have given my
  own life to save her I would have done it."
  -- Kerr Avon, of Anna   (Blake's 7: Countdown (B9))

  Avon: Show me someone who believes in anything, and I will show you a fool.
  (Blake's 7: Star One (B13))

  "I never doubted that.  I never doubted your fanaticism.  As far as I am
   concerned, you can destroy whatever you like; you can stir up a
   thousand revolutions; you can wade in blood up to your armpits.  Oh,
   and you can lead the rabble to victory - whatever that means.  Just so
   long as there is an end to it."
  -- Kerr Avon, to Roj Blake      (Blake's 7: Star One (B13))

  Dayna (to Shrinker): You killed someone he loved.
  Vila: And there aren't many of them about.
        Avon's not a very loveable man, in case you hadn't noticed.
  (Blake's 7: Rumours of Death (C8))

  "Trust is only dangerous when you have to rely on it."
  -- Kerr Avon (Blake's 7: Rumours of Death (C8))

  "Oh, and I'm a man of my word.  In the end, that's all there is really."
  -- Kerr Avon            (Blake's 7: Rumours of Death (C8))

  Avon: Of all the things I have known myself to be,
  I never recognised the fool.
  Anna: It wasn't all lies... I let you go.
  Avon: Oh no, you never let me go - you never did.
  (Blake's 7: Rumours of Death (C8))

  Cally: I'm all right.
  Avon:  No you're not.  But you will be.
  Regret is part of being alive.  But keep it a small part.
  Cally: As you do?
  Avon: (smiling) Demonstrably.
  (Blake's 7: Sarcophagus (C9))

  "You claim you can kill me.  You'd better get on with it.
   Make me die.  There's nothing else you can make me do."
  -- Kerr Avon to the alien (Blake's 7: Sarcophagus (C9))

  "Sentiment breeds weakness, let it get hold of you and you are dead."
  -- Kerr Avon            (Blake's 7: Terminal (C13))

  "Beneath that cold exterior beats a heart of pure stone."
  -- Dayna Mellanby, about Kerr Avon      (Blake's 7: Rescue (D1))

  "There are times when even the most cynical must trust in luck."
  -- Kerr Avon            (Blake's 7: Stardrive (D4))

  "Avon's idea of diplomacy is like breaking someone's leg
   and then saying 'Lean on me.'"
  -- Vila Restal          (Blake's 7: Warlord (D12))

  "In the end, winning is the only safety."
  -- Kerr Avon            (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

  "Have you betrayed us?  Have you betrayed me??"
      -- Kerr Avon, to Roj Blake          (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

Manner of Death:

  • most probably, shot several times by Federation troopers, but this was not seen, so there is a slim chance he was not killed, if someone stopped the shooting, or Avon became invisible or whatever. Even if the troopers had stun guns, Avon would surely need medical attention and could have brain damage or die from the effects of a dozen stun bolts hitting him at point-blank range, since he was surrounded by troopers on all sides. (Blake)

Vila Restal (Vila)


  • A1-D13

Comes From:

  • Earth - Delta Grade


  • Thief!


  • Theft - numerous convictions, sentenced to re-education, ineffective.
  • Theft - sentenced to Transportation to Cygnus Alpha
  "I steal things.  Compulsive, I'm afraid.  I've had my head adjusted
  by some of the best in the business.  But it just won't stay adjusted."
  -- Vila Restal          (Blake's 7: The Way Back (A1))


  • not known


  • the crew of the Liberator -> Blake, Avon, Jenna, Gan, Cally (A, B)
  • the crew of the Liberator -> Avon, Cally, Dayna, Tarrant (C)
  • the crew of the Scorpio -> Avon, Dayna, Tarrant, Soolin (D)


  • brilliant thief, coward, lazy, into wine, women and money probably not as stupid as he makes out.
  Vila: Mock me if you like, but I can always sense danger.
  Gan: Yes, even when there isn't any.
  (Blake's 7: Mission To Destiny (A7))

  Avon: Are you awake?
  Vila: No.
  Avon: That's what I thought.            (Blake's 7: Mission To Destiny (A7))

  Vila: You'd need a lot of explosives or a genius to open that.
  Blake: Can you do it?
  Vila: Of course.                (Blake's 7: Project Avalon (A9))

  Vila: Die?  I can't do that.
  Avon: I'm afraid you can.  It's the one talent we all share, even you.
          (Blake's 7: Orac (A13))

  Ro:         What are you going to do with him?
  Kommissar:  Put him to work. It seems he's never done any in his life.
  Vila:       Work?               (Blake's 7: Horizon (B4))

  Vila:  I don't want to go.
  Avon:  You surprise me.
  Vila:  I don't feel well. I'm going to be a big handicap.
  Avon:  I'm used to that.
   (Blake's 7: Pressure Point (B5))

  "Splendid!  Better than my own fool!"
  -- Gola, Charl of the Goths, about Vila
  (Blake's 7: The Keeper (B12))

  "I only drink to be sociable.
  Cheers, Orac!"
  -- Vila Restal          (Blake's 7: Rumours of Death (C8))

  Vila: My head's killing me.
  Tarrant: You should learn self-defence.         (Blake's 7: Sarcophagus (C9))

  "That one interests me.
   He has a very high IQ and yet he acts like an imbecile.
  He'll make an ideal pet."
  -- the alien, of Vila, (Blake's 7: Sarcophagus (C9))

  "Just goes to prove what I've always said, stealing's quicker."
  -- Vila, to Dayna                       (Blake's 7: Rescue (D1))

    Vila:  Is that all the thanks I get?  Not even a glass of wine?
  Soolin:  We've used the best of it up.  Correction: YOU'VE used the
           best of it up.
   (Blake's 7: Animals (D5))

      Vila:  I just don't want to die. Is that unreasonable?
  Soolin &
   Tarrant:  Yes!                 (Blake's 7: Sand (D9))

  Keiler : see, I have a criminal record.
  Vila : Who doesn't?                             (Blake's 7: Gold (D10))

  Vila:  I'll have an imperial palace with solid diamond floors, and a
         bodyguard of a thousand handpicked virgins in red fur
         uniforms. Vila's Royal Mounties.
  Avon:  You're dreaming again.           (Blake's 7: Orbit (D11))

  Soolin:  Surely you're not afraid of the dark.
    Vila:  Only when it's unilluminated.
  (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

  "Oh, now, look, I've never been against the Federation.  I mean,
  I've only ever been along for the ride.  I'm not even armed.
  You can't kill me.  I'm completely harmless and armless."
  -- Vila to Arlen        (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

Manner of Death:

  • shot in the back by a Federation trooper. (Blake)

Jenna Stannis (Jenna)


  • A1-B13

Comes From:

  • Earth - Alpha Grade


  • Smuggler, Pilot


  • Smuggling - sentenced to Transportation to Cygnus Alpha


  • mother mentioned (SpaceFall)


  • Largo - refused a cargo from him once. (Shadow)
  • Amagon Pirates who took the Liberator, then were overcome and killed by the Liberator crew. (Bounty)
  • the crew of the Liberator -> Blake, Avon, Vila, Gan, Cally (A, B)


  • intelligent, slightly cynical, capable, independant.
  Jenna:  Maybe some dreams are worth having.
   Avon:  You don't really believe that.
  Jenna:  No, but I'd like to.
   (Blake's 7: Spacefall (A2))

  Jenna: Could you kill someone?  Face to face, I mean.
   Avon: I don't know.  Could you?
  Jenna: There's one sure way of finding out.     (Blake's 7: Cygnus Alpha (A3))

   Jenna:  This is purely a business arrangement, Tarvin.
  Tarvin:  You weren't always so cold.
   Jenna:  You weren't always a bounty hunter.
                  (Blake's 7: Bounty (A11))

  Cally:  What do you take pride in, Jenna?
  Jenna:  Survival.                               (Blake's 7: Bounty (A11))

  "But you're right about one thing, I'm not like Gan.
  I don't trust unless I'm trusted in return."
  -- Jenna Stannis                (Blake's 7: Trial (B6))

  Blake:  They're human.
  Jenna:  I need proof of that.
  -- on Federation personel       (Blake's 7: Killer (B7))

Manner of Death:

  • died on her ship when she hit the self-destruct in order not to be captured. This was told by Blake to Tarrant, so there might be some reason why Blake could have been lying or mistaken. (Blake)

Olag Gan (Gan)


  • A2-B5

Comes From:

  • Zephron (program guide)


  • ?


  • Murder - fitted with an experimental Limiter, which makes him unable to kill. Sentenced to Transportation to Cygnus Alpha.


  • his "woman" was raped by a trooper, whom he killed


  • the crew of the Liberator -> Blake, Avon, Vila, Jenna, Cally (A, B)


  • friendly, loyal, not brilliant, strong, willing.
  Blake: Gan can you hold them?
    Gan: As long as the door doesn't break.       (Blake's 7: Cygnus Alpha (A3))

  Gan:      I think we make a good team.
  Avon:     Well, hurray for us.                  (Blake's 7: Time Squad (A4))

  "We've been lucky up 'til now, we'll be lucky again."
  -- Gan  (Blake's 7: Duel (A8))

  Avon:  You would give the instruction for your own death -- you
         expect us to believe that?
   Gan:  Yes. I expect you to believe that.       (Blake's 7: Bounty (A11))

  Avon: What are you doing down there?
  Gan: I don't like being on my own, especially if I'm about to die.
  (Blake's 7: Orac (A13))

  Gan : Can't find Orac.  Even tried calling his name.
  Avon : Oh, I'm sorry I missed that.  It's the kind of natural stupidity
  that no amount of training could ever hope to match.
  (Blake's 7: Shadow (B2))

  Gan:   I'll go.
  Vila:  Gan'll go.
  Gan:   And Vila will go with me, won't you Vila?
  Vila:  Will I?                  (Blake's 7: Horizon (B4))

  "Blake! Go! I'm not worth dying for!"
  -- Olag Gan, last words (Blake's 7: Pressure Point (B5))

  "He was straightforward. Wasn't always expecting to double-crossed.
  Not like us.  He trusted people.  He trusted Blake completely."
  -- Vila Restal, of Olag Gan     (Blake's 7: Trial (B6))

Manner of Death:

  • Roof fell in on him when Travis threw a grenade at them inside the underground complex built for Central Control. The supreme irony was that Central Control was no longer there. (Pressure Point)



  • A4-C13

Comes From:

  • Auron


  • Comminications expert
  • Freedom Fighter


  • none, but wanted by the Federation; exiled from Auron for being too much of an activist


  • clone-sister Zelda, who died in the replication plant. (Children of Auron)
  • possibly other clones exist too.


  • the crew of the Liberator -> Blake, Avon, Vila, Jenna, Gan (A, B)
  • the crew of the Liberator -> Avon, Vila, Dayna, Tarrant (C)


  • idealistic, ethical, caring, fierce, intuitive


  • Is a sending telepath, tends to sense things also. (e.g. Killer) People don't always hear her sending if they are not expecting it (Volcano) Has done telekinesis with help. (Shadow) Has been taken over by aliens (The Web, Sarcophagus)
  Cally:    But my people are the Auronar.
  Avon:     And they are telepathic.
  Cally:    And quick.  I would not have died alone.
   (Blake's 7: Time Squad (A4))

  "But there will be companions for my death.  I plan to raid the complex.
  To destroy until I am destroyed."
  -- Cally        (Blake's 7: Time Squad (A4))

  Cally:    I must come with you.
  Blake:    No.
  Cally:    But you can trust me.
  Avon:     Really?
  Blake:    I know we can.  Whatever's down there can control you.
            It's already demonstrated that.
  Cally:    I was unprepared.
  Avon:     So were we.                   (Blake's 7: The Web (A5))

  "She knew the risks.  She accepted them.  She even welcomed them."
  -- Jenna Stannis, of Cally
  (Blake's 7: Seek - Locate - Destroy (A6))

  "My people have a saying -
          He who trusts can never be betrayed, only mistaken."
                  -- Cally                (Blake's 7: Mission To Destiny (A7))

  Sarkoff:  Well, Cally.  Must I listen to you, too?
    Cally:  No.
  Sarkoff:  Have you no opinions?
    Cally:  None.  You are needed to unite your people.
  Sarkoff:  I see.  Facts, not opinions.
    Cally:  Would we have risked our lives for an opinion?
                  (Blake's 7: Bounty (A11))

  Cally:  They aren't dead.
  Avon:   How do you know?
  Cally:  I know.
  Avon:   Yes.
  Cally:  I tell you, I know.                     (Blake's 7: Horizon (B4))

  "Of course it's a trap!  Let's go down."
  -- Cally                                (Blake's 7: Hostage (B8))

  Tarrant: Do you like being helpless, Cally?
  Cally: I don't know - I've never tried it.
  (Blake's 7: The City At The Edge Of The World (C6))

  Cally: Stop it, stop it, all of you!
  Tarrant: He's an animal.
  Cally: Yes, and it's contagious, isn't it.
  (Blake's 7: Rumours of Death (C8))

Manner of Death:

  • Caught in the explosions on Terminal, one of the booby traps that Servalan had set up for them. When Avon went back inside to get Orac he found her body (so he implied). (Rescue)

Dayna Mellanby (Dayna)


  • C1-D13

Comes From:

  • born on Earth, brought up on Sarran


  • Weapons Designer


  • none, but wanted by the Federation


  • Hal Mellanby, her father. Blinded by Federation torture, he escaped to Sarran with Dayna. He was killed by Servalan. (Aftermath)
  • Lauren, adopted sister, was tortured to death by Sarran natives (Aftermath)


  • Justin, her tutor, whom she fell in love with, only to have him killed by Servalan's troopers. (Animals)
  • the crew of the Liberator -> Avon, Vila, Cally, Tarrant (C)
  • the crew of the Scorpio -> Avon, Vila, Tarrant, Soolin (D)


  • bold, self-reliant, adventurous, young.
  "I like the ancient weapons.  The spear, the sword, the knife.
  They demand more skill.  When you fight with them,
  conflict becomes more personal.  More exciting."
  -- Dayna Mellanby               (Blake's 7: Aftermath (C1))

  Avon: So you're alive?
  Dayna: I shouldn't be, I don't deserve to be.
  (Blake's 7: Sarcophagus (C9))

  "We have to believe if we hope to survive."
  -- Dayna, to Tarrant    (Blake's 7: Ultraworld (C10))

  "As ever, Dayna.  Gaudy but effective."
  -- Del Tarrant remarking on a new gun   (Blake's 7: Death Watch (C12))

  "Dayna's sharp and she handles a gun quite well, considering her
  sheltered upbringing."
  -- Soolin       (Blake's 7: Stardrive (D4))

  Tarrant:  It's a flesh wound. You were lucky.
    Dayna:  If I'd been lucky it wouldn't have happened.
                  (Blake's 7: Sand (D9))

  Dayna:  Shouldn't he have some kind of backup, Avon?  That kind of
   Avon:  I was hoping you would volunteer.
  Dayna:  All right, I'm a volunteer.             (Blake's 7: Orbit (D11))

Manner of Death:

  • shot by Arlen, who claimed to be a Federation agent who had tricked Blake. Therefore, even if the troopers were using stun guns, she would not have been shot by one. (Blake)

Del Tarrant (Tarrant)


  • C2-D13

Comes From:

  • Earth - Alpha Grade


  • Pilot
  • Smuggler
  • Mercenary


  • none, but wanted for Desertion, Smuggling etc


  • older brother, Deeta. They might possibly be twins (both roles were played by the same actor). Deeta Tarrant was the First Champion of Teal, and was killed by Vinni (First Champion of Vandor) in a plot set up by Servalan. Del then killed Vinni. (Death-Watch)


  • the crew of the Liberator -> Avon, Vila, Cally, Dayna (C)
  • the crew of the Scorpio -> Avon, Vila, Dayna, Soolin (D)
  • Zeeona, daughter of Zukan, the ruler of Betafarl. She and Tarrant fell secretly in love when Avon was arranging an alliance with Zukan, but Zukan betrayed them to Servalan, and Zeeona died while deactivating the biological booby-trap Zukan had left for them. (Warlord)
Character proud, intelligent, ladies man, a bit of a bully

  "Tarrant delights in doing things people think he can't."
  -- Jarvik (to Servalan)  (Blake's 7: The Harvest Of Kairos (C5))

  "A bit of a know all, aren't you?"
  -- Vila Restal, to Del Tarrant
  (Blake's 7: The Harvest Of Kairos (C5))

  "I suggest you reconsider your decision.  But don't take too long,
  I'm not a patient man."
  -- Tarrant, to Vila
  (Blake's 7: The City At The Edge Of The World (C6))

  "All my life, for as long as I can remember, there have been people like you."
  -- Vila Restal to a bullying Del Tarrant
  (Blake's 7: City At The Edge Of The World (C6))

  Tarrant: I gave them my word.
  Avon: You didn't give them mine.
  (Blake's 7: City At The Edge Of The World (C6))

  Tarrant: I'll take that risk.
  Cally: It isn't yours to take.
  (Blake's 7: City At The Edge Of The World (C6))

  Avon: Do you want me to threaten you?
  Tarrant: Why not, I haven't had a good laugh in ages.
  Avon: Sensible.  You could die laughing.
  (Blake's 7: The City At The Edge Of The World (C6))

  Tarrant: We signal it?
  Avon: Give me a reason.
  Tarrant: A reason?  It's out there.
  Avon: In other words, you're bored.             (Blake's 7: Sarcophagus (C9))

  Tarrant: When you found me on the Liberator it was quite a blow.  And
  everytime you look at me it hits  you harder, doesn't it? I'm
  faster than you and I'm sharper.  As far as it goes I've made
  a success of my life.  But you,  the only big thing you tried
  to do, you failed at.  The  greatest computer swindle  of all
  time and you  couldn't quite pull it off,  could you?   It it
  hadn't been for Blake you'd be rotting  on Cygnus Alpha right
  now.  No, you failed, Avon.  But  I win.   Not just at games.
  At life.
  Avon: You also talk too much.
  Tarrant: Be thankful I'm restricting myself to talk.
  Avon: Well, now, that's fascinating - you mean you can do something else?
  (Blake's 7: Sarcophagus (C9))

  Dayna: Isn't this a bit precipitous?
  Avon: Tarrant is always precipitous, or hadn't you noticed?
  (Blake's 7: Moloch (C11))

  Avon: I presume you have no tedious scruples about cheating and lying.
  Tarrant: None at all.
  Avon: Oh good.                  (Blake's 7: Death Watch (C12))

      Max: You're a fool, Del.
  Tarrant: It's a family trait, Max.              (Blake's 7: Death Watch (C12))

  "Tarrant has about as much subtlety as a Targian Warg Strangler."
  -- Vila Restal          (Blake's 7: Traitor (D3))

  "Tarrant is brave, young, handsome - there are three good reasons
  for anyone not to like him."
  -- Kerr Avon            (Blake's 7: Traitor (D3))

   "You are both resourceful and decorative."
  -- Servalan to Tarrant                  (Blake's 7: Sand (D9))

  "It takes talent to fly a dead ship."
  -- Del Tarrant to Kerr Avon     (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

  "So get the hell out of here, will you?  There's no point in both of us dying."
  -- Del Tarrant to Kerr Avon     (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

Manner of Death:

  • shot by a Federation trooper, but if that didn't kill him, he was also in bad shape from surviving the crash of Scorpio. (Blake)



  • D1-D13

Comes From:

  • Gauda Prime or Darlon IV (accounts vary)


  • Gunfighter


  • unknown, but she's doubtless wanted for murder.


  • Family murdered by mining company thugs. The rule of law had been suspended on her home planet in order to speed up the exploitation of the newly-discovered mineral resources, and farming families such as hers were in the way. She survived and vowed to kill all those responsible. She then proceeded to do so. (Rescue, Blake)


  • Dorian, who rescued Avon & company from Terminal, in order to feed them to the wierd basement of Xenon base, which preserved his youth (he was about 200 years old) and saved him from death. When he found that Cally was dead, he decided to put Soolin in her place. Avon managed to kill him, and when they had de-activated Dorian's booby-trapped hanger door, Soolin decided to join them. (Rescue, Power)
  Avon: You give your allegiance easily?
  Soolin: I don't give my allegiance at all.  I sell my skill.
  (Blake's 7: Power (D2))
  • the crew of the Scorpio -> Avon, Vila, Dayna, Tarrant (D)


  • cynical, intelligent, independant
  Vila:  And how about my cold, calculating Soolin?
  I'd like to see you unbend just a little before we're all ...
  all ...
  (Blake's 7: Stardrive (D4))

  "This is ridiculous, I must think."
  -- Soolin  (Blake's 7: Assassin (D7))

   Soolin: Gauda Prime?
  Tarrant: You know it?
   Soolin: Yes, I know it.  It's a bad place to be.  No self-respecting idealist
   would be found dead there.
                                  (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

  Soolin:  When the mining corporations moved in, the farmers moved out.
           Those that didn't were murdered.
    Vila:  And it wasn't even a crime.
  Soolin:  Oh yes, it was a crime all right.  It just wasn't illegal.
    Vila:  That's what I meant.
  Soolin:  I hope so.             (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

    Vila:  How does it feel to be home?
  Soolin:  I wouldn't know.               (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

Manner of Death:

  • shot by a Federation trooper. (Blake)

Servalan (aka Sleer)


  • A6, A9, A12-A13, B3, B5-B6, B8, B10-B13, C1, C3, C5, C7-C8, C11-C13, D3, D5, D7, D9-D12

Comes From:

  • Earth - Alpha Grade


  • Supreme Commander (A, B),
  • President (C),
  • Commissioner (D) - this was under the alias of Sleer. When people discovered who she really was, she usually killed them.


  • usurpation of the Presidency


  • not known


  • Travis (see below)
  • Don Keller, her lover. When he left her, she decided to go after power instead. She found out he was dead several years after the event. (Sand)


  • manipulative, intelligent, power-hungry, capable, beautiful (and sexy) ruthless, out for herself.
  Travis: You're almost as ruthless as I am.
  Servalan: You under-estimate me Travis.
  Travis: It begins to look that way.     (Blake's 7: Deliverance (A12))

  "You understand the Rule of Life, Servalan. Almost as thoroughly
  as you understand - trust."
  -- Clonemaster Fen      (Blake's 7: Weapon (B3))

  "One last thing, Supreme Commander. I must tell you this.
  You are undoubtedly the sexiest officer I have ever known.
  Goodbye, Servalan."
  -- Carnell, in message to Servalan      (Blake's 7: Weapon (B3))

  "But don't try and browbeat me, Servalan.  Or have you forgotten
  that I knew you as a cadet? You were a credit to your background:
  spoilt, idle, vicious. My confidential assessment listed her as
  unfit for command. But I forgot how well-connected she was."
  -- Kasabi       (Blake's 7: Pressure Point (B5))

  "You hesitated. My life was at risk and you hesitated!"
  -- Servalan, to Travis  (Blake's 7: Pressure Point (B5))

  "Slime sticks, as the old saying has it."
  -- Counselor Bercol, on Servalan  (Blake's 7: Trial (B6))

  Servalan: I'm going to be honest with you.
      Avon: That should be mildly disconcerting.  (Blake's 7: Aftermath (C1))

  "So they'll keep until the rule of law has been restored;
  until my rule of law has been restored."
  -- Servalan  (Blake's 7: Volcano (C3))

  Servalan : ...unless you'd accept my word?
   Tarrant : I'd rather accept the business end of a poisonous snake!
  (Blake's 7: Harvest of Kairos (C5))

  "She is after all, a tasteless megalomaniac."
  -- Sula, on Servalan    (Blake's 7: Rumours Of Death (C8))

  Tarrant: What would Servalan want with a penal colony?
  Avon: Who knows?  Perhaps she wants to compare notes with some other
  genocidal maniacs - or take a refresher course in basic brutality.
  (Blake's 7: Moloch (C11))

  "Her idea of chivalry is never to shoot a blind man in the back."
  -- Vila Restal of Servalan      (Blake's 7: Death Watch (C12))

  "Very well.  Let me explain the scenario if you do not.
  I take it you do not care for your own life.  But you have a
  family.  I can rearrange their future quite dramatically, if
  you so insist."
  -- Servalan, to Ardus   (Blake's 7: Animals (D5))

  "I suggest you go back to the fire. The alternative could be frostbite."
  -- Servalan to Reeve            (Blake's 7: Sand (D9))

  "There is something you should realise. There are no women like me.
  I am unique.
  That makes me rather dangerous."
  -- Servalan to Reeve            (Blake's 7: Sand (D9))

  "Reeve, you apparently think this is a new, exciting experience for me.
  It isn't. I've confronted several maniacs with guns."
  -- Servalan to Reeve            (Blake's 7: Sand (D9))

  "But then I'd also say you're possibly the most unscrupulously venomous
  woman in the galaxy. Being shut in here with you is rather like being
  locked in a cage with a panther: a black cat with large golden eyes
  and long silver talons."
  -- Del Tarrant to Servalan                      (Blake's 7: Sand (D9))

  "He left me. I grew up. Power became my lover. Power is like a drug.
  It is beautiful. Shining. I could destroy a planet by pressing a button.
  I loved him."
  -- Servalan                     (Blake's 7: Sand (D9))

  Tarrant: Servalan's not just some greedy gangster.
  Avon: Surely, that is exactly what she is.      (Blake's 7: Gold (D10))

  "When Servalan does anyone a favor, she wants repaying with interest.
  I'm just wondering if Avon's the interest."
  -- Del Tarrant          (Blake's 7: Orbit (D11))

  "I, too, can be generous.  But just remember: I punish failure as quickly
  as I reward success."
  -- Servalan, to Egrorian        (Blake's 7: Orbit (D11))

  Dayna:  Well, she had no reason to lie.
   Avon:  She doesn't need one.  It comes quite naturally to her, like breathing.
  -- about Servalan       (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

Manner of Death:

  • not dead - yet! Last seen when she left a bomb on Zukan's ship.



  • A6, A8, A9, A12-A13, B3, B5, B6, B8, B10-B13

Comes From:

  • Earth


  • Space Commander (A6-B6)
  • Fugitive from justice (B6->)


  • massacre of civilians on Serkasta and Auros


  • not known


  • Maryatt, surgeon who saved his life. Maryatt was killed by the sabotage that Servalan set up on Ensor (junior)'s ship in order to steal Orac for herself without having to pay for it. She was going to post Maryatt as deserted, which would result in his family being sold in the slave pits of Ursa Prime. Travis did not approve, but decided that revenge against Blake was more important anyway. (Deliverance, Orac)
  • Trooper Par, gave Travis a drink before his trial. Respected Travis as an officer who tried to make sure his men weren't killed needlessly.


  • intelligent, ruthless, capable, obsessed with killing Blake
  "Travis is an advocate of total war.  He carries out his orders
  with meticulous thoroughness.  An enemy does not cease to be an enemy
  simply because it has surrendered."
  -- Servalan  (Blake's 7: Seek - Locate - Destroy (A6))

  "I'd give a mutoid priority over a man every time."
  -- Space Commander Travis, on mutoids
  (Blake's 7: Seek - Locate - Destroy (A6))

  Travis: I'm a field officer, not one of your decorative staff men.
  Servalan: You're certainly not decorative.
  Travis: You find it repulsive?
  Servalan: I find it... unpleasing.
  (Blake's 7: Seek-Locate-Destroy (A6))

  "I am your death, Blake."
  -- Space Commander Travis
  (Blake's 7: Seek - Locate - Destroy (A6))

  "How do you demonstrate the death of a friend to someone who hasn't got any?"
  -- Roj Blake, of Travis (Blake's 7: Duel (A8))

  Travis: You're almost as ruthless as I am.
  Servalan: You under-estimate me Travis.
  Travis: It begins to look that way.     (Blake's 7: Deliverance (A12))

  "If you think my silence is weakness, you mistake me."
  -- Travis  (Blake's 7: Deliverance (A12))

  Travis:    You used me like some automatic fault tracer.
  Servalan:  And you functioned beautifully.
   (Blake's 7: Weapon (B3))

  Travis:    And the slave pits?
  Servalan:  When you're of no further use to me, Travis.
  Travis:    Honesty, at last. A mark of contempt?
  Servalan:  Or respect. A man might see it as respect. You would have -
                  (Blake's 7: Weapon (B3))

  "Does he always kill when taken by surprise?"
  -- Clonemaster Fen, to Servalan, on Travis
   (Blake's 7: Weapon (B3))

  "Well, I must remember to say 'Thank you' before I kill him."
  -- Travis, of Roj Blake (Blake's 7: Trial (B6))

  "I know Travis better than he knows himself. He has one single
  dominating obsession. And that is to kill Blake."
  -- Servalan             (Blake's 7: Gambit (B11))

Manner of Death:

  • Shot by Avon, after wounding Blake. (Star One)



  • A2-C13


  • Artificial Intelligence which runs the Liberator. Both were built by The System, who attempted to redeem the Liberator which they called DSV2 (Deep Space Vessel 2). Zen had some restrictions in his programming which prevented him from being overly helpful, as well as external command over-rides which enabled The System to retrieve the Liberator. Orac was asked to eliminate these from Zen's programming. (Redemption)
  "Wisdom must be gathered - it cannot be given!"
  -- Zen                  (Blake's 7: Cygnus Alpha (A3))

  Blake:    How long?
  Avon:     I don't know.
  Blake:    Why not?
  Avon:     Zen won't tell us.            (Blake's 7: Time Squad (A4))

  Blake:    See if Zen's back on our side yet.
  Gan:      I don't think he ever left it.
   (Blake's 7: Time Squad (A4))

  Blake:    You forgot Zen.
  Avon:     You're not counting that machine as a member of the crew.
  Blake:    Oh, what do you say to that Zen?
  Zen:      Please state course and speed.
  Blake:    Very diplomatic.                      (Blake's 7: Time Squad (A4))

  Blake:    What caused the malfunction? (Pause) Well?
  Zen:      Involvement is not permitted.
  Blake:    If the ship's blown up, lofty disinterest won't save you.
   (Blake's 7: The Web (A5))

  Zen:      Preemptive interference in crew activity is forbidden.
  Blake:    Oh, he'll clear up after us, but he won't stop us making a mess.
                  (Blake's 7: The Web (A5))

  Zen:      Neutron flare shield has not been activated.
  Vila:     Which one's that?
  Blake:    Activate the neutron flare shield.
  Zen:      Confirmed.  Blasters are cleared for firing.
   (Blake's 7: The Web (A5))

  Blake:  The others.  My crew.  Where are they?
    Zen:  Their absence from the flight deck is the only data available.
                  (Blake's 7: Bounty (A11))

       Zen:  State course and speed.
     Blake:  Standard by Ten. Get us out of the solar system.
       Zen:  The instruction is imprecise.
     Blake:  Just do it.
       Zen:  Confirmed.           (Blake's 7: Pressure Point (B5))

  Avon: It's a pity we're not all as reliable as Zen.
  Cally: But I thought you were...
  (Blake's 7: The City At The Edge Of The World (C6))

  "I have failed you."
  -- Zen  (Blake's 7: Terminal (C13))

Manner of Destruction:

  • The Liberator and Zen were dissolved by a cloud of fluid which Avon flew through. The stuff consisted of an enzyme of some sort, which ate away at the Liberator faster than its auto-repair could repair it. (Terminal)



  • A13-D13


  • Artificial Intelligence created by Ensor (senior) and endowed with his personality traits, which makes him testy, proud and uncooperative. Ensor was the inventor of the Tarriel Cell, which revolutionised the Federation computer industry, so much so that every computer in the Federation has one. Orac uses Tarriel Cells to tap into computers that have them. Also makes predictions. (Orac)
  • (Note: Zen was not a Federation computer. Yet Orac was able to tap into it also. Draw your own conclusions.)
  "That box, Orac, that's what we came for."
  -- Servalan (to Blake)  (Blake's 7: Orac (A13))

  Cally: Are you saying you can see into the future?
  Orac: The words future, present, past, are meaningless.
          (Blake's 7: Orac (A13))

  "It is not a prediction, it is an immutable certainty."
  -- Orac  (Blake's 7: Orac (A13))

  Avon:   Now then, Orac. Are you going to function or are you not?
  Orac:   All principle circuits are operating at full capacity and
          cannot receive new programs at this time.
  Blake:  Well, clear the circuits. This is priority.
  Orac:   Circuit clearance and reprogramming will take precisely one hour
          and thirty-seven point nine seconds.
  Blake:  That could be just a little late.
   (Blake's 7: Redemption (B1))

  "I am closing down. I have much to do. You have engaged my circuits
  on your petty affairs for far too long."
  -- Orac         (Blake's 7: Redemption (B1))

  Orac:      That information is not immediately available.
  Blake:     Well, can you get it?
  Orac:      It has no bearing on the problem.
  Blake:     Can you get it?
  Orac:      Eventually.
  Blake:     How long is eventually?
  Orac:      It will require time and resources far in excess of the value
             of the information.
  Blake:     Well, get it anyway. I want the reason for that alert.
  Orac:      Very well. I will report - in due course.
   (Blake's 7: Weapon (B3))

  Orac:  No.
  Avon:  Why not?
  Orac:  Is that a serious question?
  Avon:  No.
  Orac:  Please do not waste my time.             (Blake's 7: Horizon (B4))

  "I would remind you, that I am not a communicator."
  -- Orac  (Blake's 7: Star One (B13))

  "I have noticed that the occupants of this space craft have a lamentable
   lack of interest in the more fascinating aspects of the Universe."
  -- Orac                         (Blake's 7: Dawn of the Gods (C4))

  "The absence of x-rays highlighted a gap in my knowledge
  of the universe which cannot be tolerated."
  -- Orac  (Blake's 7: Dawn Of The Gods (C4))

  Orac: Reason is absolute and rationality cannot be divided by comparatives.
  Avon: Orac, you're splitting hairs.
  (Blake's 7: The Harvest of Kairos (C5))

   Avon: You know the worst thing about Orac?
  Dayna: He's too useful to destroy.
   Avon: Irritating, isn't it?            (Blake's 7: Rumours of Death (C8))

  "I fail to see why I should take part in a meaningless, illogical
  conversation; it does not make sense, and is therefore a waste
  of my time.  I am shutting down."
  -- Orac, to Vila Restal         (Blake's 7: Ultraworld (C10))

  "If you cannot listen to the answers,
   why do you inconvenience me with questions?"
  -- Orac         (Blake's 7: Moloch (C11))

  "It means a lot to me, I built it.  It's a sculpture."
  -- Vila Restal about Orac       (Blake's 7: Terminal (C13))

  "A statement of fact cannot be insolent."
  -- Orac to Dorian       (Blake's 7: Rescue (D1))

  "One of the almost human things about Orac, is that it does not like to work."
  -- Kerr Avon    (Blake's 7: Traitor (D3))

  "I am not trYING to tell you anything. I am simply not interested
  in attempting to compensate for your amazing lack of observation."
  -- Orac         (Blake's 7: Stardrive (D4))

  Avon:  Tell me everything you know about Belkov's One Nine Seven computer.
  Orac:  You suggested I spared you the technical details.
  Avon:  Oh, don't sulk, Orac. I have a little more time now.
                  (Blake's 7: Games (D8))

  Avon:  If Orac has a fault, it is a tendency to give more
         information than is requested.
  Vila:  Or less information than requested.
  Avon:  But seldom just the information that is requested.
                  (Blake's 7: Orbit (D11))

   Orac:  I can do better than that.
  Dayna:  Aren't you always?
   Orac:  My capacities are frequently underutilized, it's true.
  (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

Manner of Destruction:

  • not destroyed - yet! However, it is assumed that Avon hid Orac somewhere between the Flyer Bay and the Tracking Gallery in Blake's base, since we see Orac in the Flyer, but not when they walk into the Gallery. (Blake)



  • D1-D13


  • Artificial Intelligence which runs Scorpio. Presumably invented by Dorian, in his long lifetime. Has a cringing, apologetic disposition.
  Dayna: Why call a computer Slave?
  Dorian: A joke I suppose.               (Blake's 7: Rescue (D1))

  Avon:  Slave, initiate the backup system.
  Slave:  I'm very sorry about this, but that WAS the backup system.
  (Blake's 7: Stardrive (D4))

  Slave:  Sorry, sir.
  Tarrant:  And don't keep saying you're sorry.
  Slave:  Sorry, sir.
  Tarrant:  Don't! What the hell.  Preliminary damage survey, Slave.
  (Blake's 7: Animals (D5))

  Soolin:  Give me manual control, Slave.
  Slave:  With great relief, Madam. I am somewhat disorien-- disor--
   confused.                              (Blake's 7: Sand (D9))

  Tarrant: That's no problem, so long as Slave can match vectors.
  Dayna: Well, he says he can.
  Tarrant: He says he's sorry most of the time.  I don't believe that either.
  (Blake's 7: Gold (D10))

  Slave:  Master?
  Avon:  What is it, Slave?
  Slave:  My humble apologies for interrupting your noble thoughts...
  Vila:  Just get to the point.          (Blake's 7: Orbit (D11))

  "Some inferior person is attempting to communicate on the audio."
  -- Slave        (Blake's 7: Orbit (D11))

  "It will be my humble pleasure. I exist only to serve you, illustrious sir."
  -- Slave, to Tarrant            (Blake's 7: Orbit (D11))

  "Sir, your most illustrious colleague Avon wishes to communicate."
  -- Slave, to Tarrant                    (Blake's 7: Orbit (D11))

  Slave:  Uh, I don't wish to interrupt, Master --
  Orac:  Then kindly don't.
  Slave:  I wasn't talking to you.
  Orac:  You were attempting to override a superior system.  Be silent.
  (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

  Avon:  Slave, take over the flight controls.
  Slave:  I am most humbly sorry, Master, but I can find no flight
   controls.                       (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

  "The ground is very close, sir."
  -- Slave to Tarrant             (Blake's 7: Blake (D13))

Manner of Destruction:

  • Damaged when Scorpio crashed on Gauda Prime. (Blake) Could possibly be fixed by someone with the right expertise and equipment.


Format: Episode # | Episode Code ) Title

  Season A                                Season B
  1 | A1) The Way Back                    14 | B1) Redemption
  2 | A2) Space Fall                      15 | B2) Shadow
  3 | A3) Cygnus Alpha                    16 | B3) Weapon
  4 | A4) Time Squad                      17 | B4) Horizon
  5 | A5) The Web                         18 | B5) Pressure Point
  6 | A6) Seek - Locate - Destroy         19 | B6) Trial
  7 | A7) Mission to Destiny              20 | B7) Killer
  8 | A8) Duel                            21 | B8) Hostage
  9 | A9) Project Avalon                  22 | B9) Countdown
  10 | A10) Breakdown                     23 | B10) Voice From the Past
  11 | A11) Bounty                        24 | B11) Gambit
  12 | A12) Deliverance                   25 | B12) The Keeper
  13 | A13) Orac                          26 | B13) Star One
  Season C                                        Season D
  27 | C1) Aftermath                              40 | D1) Rescue
  28 | C2) Powerplay                              41 | D2) Power
  29 | C3) Volcano                                42 | D3) Traitor
  30 | C4) Dawn of the Gods                       43 | D4) Stardrive
  31 | C5) The Harvest of Kairos                  44 | D5) Animals
  32 | C6) The City at the Edge of the World      45 | D6) Headhunter
  33 | C7) Children of Auron                      46 | D7) Assassin
  34 | C8) Rumours of Death                       47 | D8) Games
  35 | C9) Sarcophagus                            48 | D9) Sand
  36 | C10) Ultraworld                            49 | D10) Gold
  37 | C11) Moloch                                50 | D11) Orbit
  38 | C12) Death-Watch                           51 | D12) Warlord
  39 | C13) Terminal                              52 | D13) Blake