(1.8) Love and Guns

(commented on by Kathryn A)


I have mixed feelings about this one, because I don't like watching Blair make a fool out of himself. Also, because I originally saw "Second Chance" before I saw this one, I didn't have a really great impression of Maya anyway.

Is this the first "call for backup" incident?

What is this "research group" that Blair was supposed to be meeting in 15 minutes?

Blair is entitled to a research assistant, apparently, but this is the only occasion when he seems to make use of that privilege. Why?

Is this the first appearance of Brown?

My thoughts on the dinner-with-Maya scene - Blair was stymied because Maya was asking him to be the first, and he'd originally gotten together with Maya under false pretences. He was beginning to fall in love with her, and because of that, he didn't want to lie to her more. So he paniced and ran.

What is the paperweight thing that Jim is fiddling with during his conversation with Blair?

Question - was Jim's request that Blair talk to Drennan about MSG an attempt to distract Blair from his misery, or was he just being completely insensitive?


  • dislikes Feds on principle.
  • had a friend, Delgado, (now deceased) when he was a rookie.
  • can actually be understanding and compassionate, and isn't afraid of admitting his own mistakes as part of doing that.
  • can cook chow mein (with plum wine)
  • gets hyper on adrenaline.
  • thinks with his hormones, silly boy.
  • spent three months living among the Kombai Tree people of Irian Jaya.
  • again, good at spur of the moment obfuscation (Jim is a researcher into human behaviour)
  • apparently has a microwave in his office.


  • sees reflection of gunman in hubcap.
  • smells the soil in Carasco's greenhouse?
  • smells Drennan's perfume.
  • hears gun-runners coming.
  • listens to fight in greenhouse?

Observed by:

  • Drennan (smell, hearing)

Favourite Bits

Blair and the fire hose! Whoa!

The description of Blair's adventures with the tree-people.

Jim being compassionate and understanding towards Drennan. Yay! Who says that Jim is a hard-ass and had no friends before he met Blair?