== (1.4) The Broca Divide

=== General

This one was almost, but not quite, a really good SF-y story. A cool title, an interesting concept. I remember when I saw it the first time, it made me sit up and take notice -- until they blew it at the last moment. All that stuff about anti-histamines... just a bit of logic here: people take anti-histamines for a reason; it's because their allergic reaction (in Dr. Jackson's case, probably a common pollen and/or dust allergy) releases histamine in the body; they have //too much// of the stuff, and the anti-histamine is there to reduce the excessive levels down to normal. So, as far as I can see, they got their logic backwards, because those with allergies would be more likely to have a high level of histamine, not a low level. So that kind of blew the logic of the story for me.

However, it was a lot of fun before then. We have the arguments about science and culture versus military strategy. We get the darkside and lightside of a planet (which looks rather artificial, but then again, maybe it was). We get massive architecture and exotic clothing. Our Heros get mistaken for gods again. We get cliche primitive man (even more cliched when I think about it, all that stuff about stone-age man dragging females off by the hair is pure guff, when the only hard evidence we have about primitive man are bones, tools, and cave-paintings, but that's a digression for another day.)

And, let's face it, if we hadn't had the cliche, we wouldn't have had the cool scene with Carter mauling O'Neill, which was really rather priceless. And of course the seed of the later Sam/Jack relationship; the very first glimmerings of attraction. Interesting how Jack was equally possessive regarding Sam, when he succumbed to the disease and attacked Daniel -- so the attraction wasn't only one-way.

Note that the motivation for going to the planet was because the address the only part of the address that anybody saw for the place that Shau're and Skarra went at the end of "Children of the Gods"; so that's a bit of continuity tie-in. Lest we forget...

=== Characters

This is the first time we really see Dr. Janet Fraiser; I don't think she was even in earlier episodes -- the doctor who was in charge in "The Enemy Within" was Dr. Warner. But she really shines here, I think -- maybe that's why she became a regular and Dr. Warner didn't.

The regulars each had at least a moment in which to shine; we got some good Jack&Daniel, Jack&Carter, Jack&Teal'c...

=== Quotable Quotes

Makepeace: Don't you worry boys. That's why the SG-3 Marines are coming

with. You can count on us to watch your backsides. Daniel: Actually... (he gestures) it's more my front side I was worried


Hammond: Dr. Jackson you're wasting your breath, you've already won the

argument. Jackson: But I have to insist that you, w--, wha--, wha--, what? I've

already won?

Teal'c: General, I would prefer to not hurt this man.

Daniel: What, she start a fight with you like Johnson did with Teal'c? Jack: No, she uh, she tried to seduce me. Daniel: Oh. You poor man.

O'Neill: Teal'c! I'm back, open the door! Teal'c! Teal'c: Colonel O'Neill? O'Neill: (sing-song) Lucy, I'm hooome. Teal'c: I am not Lucy. O'Neill: I know that. It was a reference to an old TV--never mind, open

the door! Teal'c: I will summon the doctor. O'Neill: No, no, c'mon I'm fine, back to being myself. Just open up. Teal'c: I cannot be certain you are back to being yourself. You referred

to me as "Lucy." O'Neill: Oh for crying out loud, will you just open the door? }}}

=== Fiddly Details

It seems as if the President keeps on getting invoked to make characters comply with things they don't agree with -- in this case, "the President agrees with you" said General Hammond to Dr. Jackson, re: scientific and cultural significance of planets. I really like this President.

This may be the first episode in which Daniel holds a gun -- a machine gun, for the purpose of scaring off the Touched -- but he doesn't get a chance to use it.