(2.4) Reunion

(commented on by Kathryn A)


Ah, a good Simon episode. And the claustrophobic chasing through the innards of a hotel isn't bad either. Crooked cops, small-town corruption, evil corporation, frame-ups, and the one honest cop (who then gets killed, boo hoo, poor innocent guy!)

Yeah, there sure was its share of action (hey, I'm not against action!) the dramatic car chase/smash/escape, the hefty deputies in their shiny brown coats waving their guns around, shooting up poor innocent food products, punch-ups, the musical doors scene, the obligatory crawling-through-the-ventilation bit, and the Big Fire.

Question -- there's an implication that Peggy used to go out with Dave Becker. Is it possible that part of Becker's resentment of Simon (if resentment it is) arises not just because Simon made it in the big city, but because Simon hit it off with Peggy in a way that Becker didn't?


  • won't allow Simon to smoke in his car.
  • will happily tease Simon.
  • knows Simon well enough so that he already knows about Peggy.
  • likes to kayak and fish.
  • has the number of the FBI on speed-dial 4 on his mobile phone.
  • will tease Simon right along with Jim.
  • likes to kayak and fish too.
  • can't navigate.
  • smokes cigars (which we already knew)
  • grew up in a small town called Rossberg (which is over three hours from Cascade, and 45 minutes from Spokane)
  • his "first love" was Peggy. They were the campus radicals.
  • In his yearbook, he wore a bow tie, and his quote was "If not us, who? If not now, when?"
  • was captain of the debating team.
  • was "friendly rivals" with Dave Becker, captain of the football team; who turned out to be not so friendly.


  • listens to plans of sheriff to follow them.
  • finds button on floor of Simon's room.
  • smells gunpowder on button.
  • overhears Becker and others (multiple times)
  • sees missing button on Becker's coat cuff.
  • hears Simon's breathing inside the air ducts
  • hears the cocking of a gun, sees Laneer's gun sticking out.

Observed by:

  • Blair or no-one.

Favourite Bits

Simon being clever enough to stop the lift at the 6th floor and climb up and get off at the 7th.

Jim and Becker raising their hackles at each other.

How Peggy cleverly hid the documents inside the tissue box.

"Excuse me son. Uh, say, what size uniform do you wear?" (thwack)

The TV crew to the rescue!