My Fannish Wanderings

You could say that it started with a library book. One of Trevor Hoyle's Blake's 7 novelizations, which I borrowed from the school library, read, and then found that the series was being repeated that week.

Or you could say that it started with Narnia, because that was how I met my first and longest fannish friend who dragged me along to my first convention. And it was at a convention that I first saw Sapphire & Steel and thought that the voice of David McCallum, as he first appeared out of sight on that gravel driveway in "The House That Jack Built" was that of Paul Darrow.

But then David McCallum led me to VR.5 even though I'd heard that the character that he played there was dead. But then, I always seem to be attracted by the Avon-like characters, in this case, Oliver Sampson, played by Anthony Stewart Head.

And then Anthony Stewart Head led me, by way of Rupert Giles, to Buffy: The Vampire Slayer which I liked for its juxtaposition of the mundane with the fantastic.

But that isn't the only chain of interest. Because of Blake's 7, I made friends with RR, whom I visited on a trip to America. And she sat me in front of her VCR and showed me Highlander and I became duly addicted. Then I came back, and survived on tapes she sent me. And then they started showing Highlander on TV here. And then they stopped, so I started watching Forever Knight as a HL substitute.

And then, it was because of Highlander that I got cable, and because of cable I saw LEXX.

RR also got me interested in Matrix (the TV show, not the movie. The movie came much later) partly because I liked the lead actor, who was also the lead in Stingray (the S.J. Cannell production, not the Gerry Anderson production).

I discovered The Tomorrow People on my own. I can't remember how I found The Champions, but it was because of my fondness for them that I first started watching The Sentinel, lost interest, and then found that the fanfic was better than the show.

Doctor Who was, strangely enough, introduced to us by a friend of the family. The Stranger I found because of Doctor Who.

AH was responsible for UFO, also she was responsible for me actually taking notice of Space: Above And Beyond, by a sneaky route: she showed me the sixth episode first.

Which just goes to show - one thing leads to another.

Disclaimer: this by no means fully catalogues my fannish interests. My tastes are eclectic.