Blake's 7 - Frequently UnAnswered Questions

This is an attempt at a list of those unanswered questions that keep on popping up - those curiosities and inconsistencies for which there is no definitive answer, just speculation.

Why make a list?

  1. So that newbies will know that the series has no answer for these questions
  2. To provide ideas for discussion and fiction-writing.

Please add to this list.
(And to make it more likely that further versions of this list will occur, make them concise and in the same format as below...)

A1) The Way Back

  • Why is Blake wearing a watch?
  • Why are the child-molesting charges against Blake hardly ever mentioned again?

A2) Space Fall

  • What did Jenna whisper in Raiker's ear?
  • What was the space battle they witnessed?
  • Why was the alien vessel abandoned?

A3) Cygnus Alpha

  • The London had four months to go to get to Cygnus Alpha, the Liberator went there at standard speed, in a matter of hour(s), and yet they arrive there about the same time or a little after the London. Where did that four months go?
  • How come Blake was teleported into the same chamber as Gan and Vila (and a different chamber than Vargas) when Blake had lost then found his bracelet and thus ought to have been teleported separately?

A4) Time Squad

A5) The Web

A6) Seek--Locate--Destroy

A7) Mission to Destiny

A8) Duel

A9) Project Avalon

  • How come Avon didn't stay with the unconscious and injured Cally when Blake told him to? (Jenna rushed in to find her alone, and the next we see Avon he's taking apart the android).
  • Why did the mutoid tell Travis (at the end) that it was just Blake who had teleported down? Why didn't she tell him about the Avalon android?

A10) Breakdown

A11) Bounty

A12) Deliverance

A13) Orac

  • How do Tarriel Cells work? How come Orac can use them to tap into other computers, and yet through the series, Servalan has been unable to reproduce this phenomenon with all the scientists at her command?
  • How come Orac was able to tap into Zen when Tarriel Cells are a Federation invention, but Zen is a non-Federation computer?
  • How come they/Avon never used Orac to become fabulously wealthy?

B1) Redemption

  • Why don't they ever utilise Orac's predictive ability again?

B2) Shadow

  • Whatever happened to Cally's moondisk after this episode?

B3) Weapon

  • If Travis was marked, how come he didn't die when the trooper did?

B4) Horizon

  • Did Avon rescue them because he had no choice?

B5) Pressure Point

  • How did the women climb all those ladders in high heels?

B6) Trial

B7) Killer

  • Why didn't Blake also die of the virus? He was just as exposed as the rest of the people who died.

B8) Hostage

  • Why does Avon take Vila down to the planet as his backup? He's got a choice between a) a seasoned guerilla fighter, b) a famous and experienced freetrader, and c) a cowardly, half-drunken thief.

B9) Countdown

B10) Voice From The Past

  • Who set off the trigger tone near the end of the episode?
  • Why did Travis pretend to be Shivan, get himself aboard the Liberator, and then refrain from killing his worst enemy, Blake?

B11) Gambit

  • Why don't they ever utilise Orac's shrinking ability again?

B12) The Keeper

B13) Star One

  • How did Travis contact the Andromedans in order to have made previous arrangements with them, arrangements to meet at Star One, whose location he did not find out until the previous episode?

C1) Aftermath

C2) Powerplay

  • How come they never find Blake or Jenna at the planets they were supposed to be on their way to? The planets never get mentioned again.
  • What, if anything, is the relationship between Dev Tarrant and Del Tarrant?

C3) Volcano

Star One/Aftermath/Powerplay/Volcano
- How long did the Andromedan War actually take?

C4) Dawn Of The Gods

  • Why did the honourable Cally lie about not having seen the Tharn?

C5) The Harvest Of Kairos

C6) The City At The Edge Of The World

C7) Children Of Auron

C8) Rumours Of Death

  • How come Anna Grant and Del Grant have different accents?
  • Was the "husband" which Anna refers to, Chesku? Were they married when she and Avon had their affair? How come Del Grant didn't know about this husband?
  • Did Avon kill Anna in revenge or self-defence?
  • Was Anna a double agent, a turncoat, or out for herself - whose side was she really on?

C9) Sarcophagus

C10) Ultraworld

C11) Moloch

  • How come none of them ever went back to get this technology?

C12) Death-Watch

  • How was that computer selection of arenas supposed to work, anyway?
  • How much older than Del is Deeta?
  • If Servalan ever returns to Teal or Vandor, how many other people would have a blood-feud with her?

C13) Terminal

  • Given how well Avon knew Blake, why did he believe that Blake would have been interested in the material value of the mysterious riches referred to in "Terminal"?
  • How come Servalan didn't notice the mess the Liberator was in?

D1) Rescue

  • Why was Cally's last cry for Blake rather than Avon?
  • How did Dorian know that the Liberator would be at Terminal, and that the name of the planet was Terminal? (Avon didn't know: he just had the coordinates to go to)

D2) Power

  • Why were the Seska history archives at Xenon base? If it was the Seska base that Nina was speaking from, the one overrun by the Hommiks, why didn't the Hommiks keep using it? If it was a different Seska base, then why did the Seskas stop using it? And if it didn't belong to either of them, being built by Dorian -- or whoever he acquired it from -- why were the disks there at all??
  • How come the tele-ergetron could so easily be converted into a teleport?

D3) Traitor

  • How did Servalan survive the destruction of the Liberator?
  • How could Servalan get away with just changing her name and not her appearance?
  • How come the Scorpio crew didn't just leave an anonymous tip to the Federation that Sleer was Servalan?

D4) Stardrive

  • Time distort and "Standard" are here used synonymously where elsewhere it is quite clear that "Standard" is faster...

D5) Animals

D6) Headhunter

D7) Assassin

  • Why was the slave auction on Domo illegal, when it is mentioned elsewhere that the standard punishment in the Federation for desertion is slavery for the family of the deserter?

D8) Games

  • The end of the episode... Belkov set the orbiter up so the games inevitably led to the black hole, right? And there were Feldon crystals on the Orbiter to power this trap. Were there any other crystals from the lot that Belcov was supposed to have skimmed? If yes, where did Belcov hide them, since it turned out not to be the Orbiter? If no, then why did Belcov put all his skimmed crystals on the Orbiter and run off without them?

D9) Sand

D10) Gold

  • How come the currency was worthless because the Federation had just taken over Zerok?

D11) Orbit

  • Would Avon really have done it?
  • Was the Tachyon Funnel really destroyed?

D12) Warlord

D13) Blake

  • If Arlen was a Federation officer, why did she take the 75% risk of being picked up by the wrong bounty hunter? What had put the Federation onto Blake in order to assign an undercover officer? If she was trying to infiltrate a base, why did she attempt to use a knowledge of Blake's identity to bargain a better deal from Deva?
  • Was Blake lying or mistaken when he told Tarrant that Jenna was dead?
  • Why did Avon shoot Blake? (Related question - Was Avon insane?)
  • Why did the troopers in the last scene have all different kinds of weapons?
  • What did the different kinds of alarms mean?
  • Why did Avon smile?
  • Whose shots were those we heard over the closing credits?


  • Do we EVER see anyone eat anything aboard either the Liberator or the Scorpio? Or even refer to food, or say they are hungry, or anything of that nature?

Kathryn A