LaLa's Last Hurrah

Written by: Angie and Iris
Warnings: Huh?
Sequel: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...giggle..snort...ha.

The sun was setting in the sky,
Jim's Ford truck went barreling by.
Tires screeched, he blew the horn,
He only earned his poor guide's scorn.

"Jim," urged Blair, "please calm down."
Jim replied with a scowl and a frown.
Jags cap down, eyes set ahead,
Blair knew at once the issue was dead.

"Blair," said Jim most carefully,
"Please tell me that you looked for me."
Blair's blue eyes blinked, very round.
"Those things are nowhere to be found!"

"I looked high, I looked low,
Where else was I supposed to go?!"
Jim sniffed once, he blew his nose,
He wiped his eyes upon his clothes.

"Dear Blair, how could you be so mean?"
Jim was crushed, it was plainly seen.
"Oh man, I never thought you meant it.
Those things are such a dreadful menace!"

Jim sighed and put the truck in gear,
"C'mon, Chief, let's get out of here."
Head down, eyes sad, the joy had flown,
The whole entire day was blown.

The Sentinel drove back through the town,
Never looking up or down.
The Guide was smiling to himself,
Thinking of what was on the shelf.

Back at home, beside the stair--
Jim would find his present there,
Round and chubby, of brightest yellow.
His Sentinel would be such a happy fellow!

Opening the loft, Jim paused and said,
"Stop right there! I'll shoot you dead!"
"NOOOO!!" screamed Blair, but too late.
The Yellow Teletubby met its fate.

All that was left in the loft,
Was an eerie voice singing soft.
"Lalalalalala," the lilting voice said,
"Lalalalalala," came from its head.

And from that piece of shot-up fluff,
Came gurgles and coos and some weirder stuff.
"The sun is setting in the sky,
Teletubbies say good-bye."