(1.6) Night Train

(commented on by Kathryn A)


Well, this was fun. Though my least favourite bit here was Blair ogling that lawyer. I guess the guys got something out of it, but it just annoyed me.

Blair jumping to the conclusion that they were transporting dangerous materials was amusing.

The excuse that the accountant used to force them to take him by train was a lot more plausible than others I've seen used on TV - a ruptured eardrum, can't fly. Mind you, wouldn't that make him deaf?

Amusing that Blair tries to be all friendly and start conversations.

The first mention of the Swiss Army Knife! Note that he kept it in his backpack and not his pocket.

That he got it for his Bar Mitzvah shows that he's Jewish, and that Naomi cared enough about the traditions (despite her New-Age leanings) to see that Blair had a Bar Mitzvah -- unless it was some other family member who did so. Some fans have suggested that Blair and Naomi at one stage lived with Naomi's family, and that her father (or grandfather) was a veritable patriarch.

It was nifty that the guy that Jim recognised was a doctor Jim had gone to see! And that Jim punched him -- after himself being punched out by the train guard. That was an ironic sequence of events. Shows one shouldn't judge by appearances, don't it? (smile)

That leap-from-a-speeding-car-to-a-speeding-train bit seemed a bit over the top. Yeah, they do it in movies, but...


  • doesn't like taking chemicals (for colds, at least). But he isn't too keen on Sandburg's natural remedies either.
  • is sympathetic with Simon about his divorce. Yay! See, Jim can be empathic and considerate, with friends.
  • Still likes slamming Blair against walls when he's desperate and thinks Blair is taking the mickey out of him. He does calm down when asked to, though.
  • is heavily into natural and tribal remedies (I wouldn't quite call loud drum music a "natural remedy")
  • naturally friendly Sandburg
  • Sandburg knows the rules of obscure ancient games, enough to play and teach them to others.
  • has a tendency to say the first thing that comes into his head, rather than getting to the point. Sometimes. (the remark about Menopause, the remark about his Swiss Army Knife being his good luck charm)
  • Blair doesn't get pissed off at being slammed against the wall again. Knows it's just Jim - and is more interested in solving the problem -- merely asks Jim to calm down.
  • Blair takes Jim's gun without demur. He still doesn't like the idea of possibly having to shoot someone, but he doesn't protest about it.
  • Blair knows enough about electronics to rig up a special lightshow to test Jim's senses. Nifty test, man.
  • faces the finality of his divorce and it finally hits him. We know from Siege that his marriage was in trouble, that he was either already in the process of divorce, or separated at the least, and that his wife seemed to have Daryl most of the time.
  • is a Lieutenant. I hadn't noticed that. She seems to be being asked to do more things here than be head of Forensics-and-resources, unless helicopters count as "resources". Mind you, Simon did say that that was out of her area.
  • is concerned about Jim. I keep remembering that remark Jim made in an earlier episode "How come we're better friends divorced than we ever were when we were married?"


  • senses go crazy when he takes the cold medicine. Hearing cuts in and out, vision blurs, lights are too bright, noises are too loud, and his balance seems off too. Smell is probably off too. Touch is too sensitive (the paper towels probably felt like sandpaper) Temperature sense is off too.
  • smells gun-cleaning fluid
  • actually found that one of Blair's tests helped him - but doesn't admit it to Blair

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Favourite Bits

Jim telling Simon that "yes, it gets better."

Jim's teasing Blair about the cult of policemen.

Jim, the super-hero, struggling along underneath the train. Particularly as prefaced by Blair's remark "this is not your ordinary guy". Plus the senses-test that he remembers.

The "breakfast... who's buying?" bit, where they point at each other and then at Simon.

Jim agreeing to the test - provided Blair hangs underneath a speeding train... (grin)