The Lindor Archives

Why "The Lindor Archives"? It is a name that I've been toying with for years, thinking I'd use it as the name of a newsletter or something non-fictional. But said news-zine never ensued. So why leave a good name going to rot? So here it is: The Lindor Archives.

All sorts of Blake's 7 stuff:


  • Event Horizon January 1995, Queensland, GoH Gareth Thomas
  • Deliverance '98 March 1998, the 20th Anniversary Blake's 7 convention, in Stoke-on-Trent in England.


I have also put up a picture gallery (at Kats Eye Gallery) of some of my illustrations, most of which are Blake's 7 ones.

Death to the Impure! (Sorry, wrong show)

Here are some Blake's 7-related things, which aren't pure Blake's 7.

If you're interested in fan fiction, check out the Refractions page, to find out about this mixed-media fanzine that I edit, or check out the Enarrare page, to find out about another mixed-media fanzine I love, or go to WorkStorm to find some Blake's 7 and other fiction and poetry.

In May 1997 I went to my first MediaWest convention. MediaWest isn't a Blake's 7 convention, but is a (in)famous US multi-media non-guest convention. Neutral Zone in Newcastle, England, in March 1998, was not, strictly speaking, a Blake's 7 convention either, though it had one Blake's 7 guest, Gareth Thomas. (Or three, if you count Joe Nazzaro and Sheelagh Wells for their Blake's 7 affilations).