(1.9) Attraction

(commented on by Kathryn A)


Now, this one I don't like so much because I don't enjoy watching Jim make a fool of himself. On the other hand, it was a clever idea, I think. And I wanted to cheer watching Jim take control of himself in that second-last scene.

I also liked the way Blair was understanding and worked hard to get to the bottom of it, and kindly, calmly proved to Jim what was happening, and then was compassionate about Jim's let-down in the conversation in the car afterwards.

The opening robbery scenes were visually stylish. However, from the bit later on where Jim gets Ted, I'm getting a bit irritated with the fist-coming-up-to-the-camera punch-out-his-daylights motif. I noticed it in the last episode (Love and Guns) and they did it again here. Maybe it's supposed to be more macho or something.

But I did like the sort of double-take in the hotel lobby where both Jim and Ted realize at the same time that the other one is there.

Hey, Blair actually stayed behind when Jim told him to, when the guns started firing!

I liked the argumentative jewellers at the start, their quips and remarks "Is he an Indian?" "Is he a cop or a carpet salesman?"

Hey, and Jason Carter was in this one! Pity his character got blown up.


  • is not really into the singles-bar scene. (This just demonstrates again that he's an introvert)
  • is vulnerable to pheromones. They short-circuit his rational behaviour, and he works on instinct. (I wonder if the thing with Alex was largely pheromones?)
  • is a rational person - when confronted with the evidence, he didn't argue. Of course, he did argue beforehand.
  • as ever, doesn't want to walk away from a case even when his heart is broken. Mr. Responsible.
  • isn't beyond playing a little joke on the others (the scene at the end). His humour is very deadpan.
  • is bouncy like a kid with a new toy when he thinks he's found something new about Jim's senses.
  • is friends enough with Jim to encourage his dating. Or, at least, to drag him along to a singles bar with him, and then encourage him.
  • can forge Jim's signature!
  • didn't notice Jim's strangeness at first, thought it was just normal "hitting it off". However, finding your best friend smooching and petting with a girl in the middle of an investigation, is not normal behaviour. But note that he didn't tell Simon what he caught Jim doing.
  • was actually on the ball enough to grab Laura's glass before they left the party, even though he didn't at that point know what the rational explanation would be.
  • was compassionate when confronting Jim with the evidence, and the aftermath of that.
  • still thinks with his hormones, silly boy.
  • is still as down-to-earth as ever: "Will it help solve the case? -- then get out of my office."


  • noticed pheromones around the robberies, only by the effect they had on him, tingling, more alive.
  • did not notice anything in stuff from the crime scenes days later.
  • noticed the pheromones at the party.
  • made a bee-line for Laura and had no control over his instincts.
  • was able to control himself when he knew what was happening.

Observed by:

  • nobody new, really. Just Blair.

Favourite Bits

The opening scene with the argumentative jewellers.

The discussion in the car with Blair about the nature of love and chemistry.

The scene where Jim arrests Laura, taking control of his feelings even in the midst of pheromonal chaos.