== (1.4) The Debt

(commented on by Kathryn A)

=== General

Why is it called "The Debt" anyway?

Why does Blair live in a warehouse? "Where else am I going to get 10,000 square feet for 850 a month?" is sort of an answer - but why does Blair need so much room? And why is he living alone, instead of, like many students, sharing accommodation to lower the costs? Blair doesn't seem to mind the lack of comfort (and rats) from living in a warehouse. And how can he afford 850 a month anyway? Unless he's sub-letting it or something. Or independently wealthy? (grin)

This time, the writers think that Anthropology is Psychology. Unless, perhaps, Blair is actually learning psych as well. Mind you, it's a research paper, so that doesn't sound like undergrad psych.

The exchange about the beer in the fridge is amusing - Jim is expecting Blair to get the beer, Blair is expecting Jim to help himself. Maybe both of them are simply too engrossed in the TV to want to get up.

Earl Gaines is a pretty good guest character - for one thing, he's not a BOTW! He's got a chip on his shoulder, but he's a good cop.

Jim gets a nickname - "Die Hard"!

If ever anyone wanted to dig up evidence, later, that Jim is a Sentinel, we could add Earl Gaines to their list of witnesses - he saw Jim demonstrate sight - twice.

=== Characters

  • seems to be willing to do Blair favours.
  • is good at the deadpan tease
  • doesn't appear to be prejudiced about race, (just about newbies!) even though others might take one look at his appearance and think him to be good KKK material
  • is willing to apologise when he thinks he's made a mistake, 'cuz he's more interested in getting the job done
  • again demonstrates that he's willing to bend the letter of the law to get the job done (in Killers, wiretapping, here, harbouring Gaines)
  • has been with Jim long enough to feel free to ask him favours - borrowing a video camera, crashing at his place for a week. Then again, with Blair, we don't know how long "long enough" is. On the other hand, Blair is very good at begging.
  • loves to apply his anthropology to everyday life (again - remember he did it last week Re: Jim, Carolyn and Beverley)
  • again, is a good actor, brave, and thinks on his feet
  • lateral thinking guy, doesn't use conventional resources (a cop wouldn't think of actually getting the neighbours to help)

=== Senses

  • hears gunfire in warehouse
  • reacts to Williams' cigarette smoke
  • smells the Honduran Red in Tyrell's trunk. Claimed to smell that Tyrell was worried, but that could be bluff - or other senses.
  • smells the trace of Turkish cigarettes on the sheets in the hospital
  • sees the dark blue car driven by Magnuson - tells Gaines that he has "good eyes"
  • may have heard Williams about to shoot through the roof
  • shoots gun out of Williams' hand

Observed by:

  • Tyrell (smell)
  • Earl Gaines (sight)

=== Favourite Bits

Jim and Blair and Larry on the couch watching TV (including the beer bit).

"The monkey's okay, though."

Blair and the "safety committee" standing off the gang-bangers. Clever Blair strikes again - yay!

Jim shooting the gun out of Williams' hand.