== (1.2) Siege

(commented on by Kathryn A)

=== General

The opening scene indicates that Jim and Blair have had an extensive discussion about how to enable Blair to work alongside Jim. Note that they still refer the Blair-helping-Jim-with-his-senses as a "partnership". The academy idea has been dropped, which probably means that "observer" was the only other option they could come up with.

I was surprised to note that the false dissertation topic that they tried to sell Simon was not "observing the closed culture of the police force", but about evidence-gathering in the field, a thesis which justified the need for Blair to be riding along with Jim exclusively (since he is "the best on the force"). This actually makes more sense, since if Blair was just observing the culture, then there would be no apparent need for him to stick exclusively with Ellison.

I'm not sure if Jim's exchange with Carolyn about Indian food being too spicy, whether Jim was obfuscating or not by just indicating that he wasn't in the mood for Tandoori, or whether he realizes that spicy food is right out with his sensitive tastebuds, but needs to hide it from people. Or it could simply be that he wants to eat at Wonderburger to irritate Carolyn. Or all of the above.

Note that the two men that Blair takes out were both done in panic/desperation after Blair accidentally reveals himself. First Blair slips in the toilet and accidentally flushes it, thus revealing himself. The move he used with the toilet door was well-timed, though. Then he's hiding behind the vending machine, and the guy shoots at the machine, and Blair cries out. And then manages to push over the machine and knock the guy out! Yay Blair!

And then of course we have Blair's great talent for lying really convincingly in order to save his skin. And note that he isn't afraid to threaten people with guns (albeit it was a flare gun, but still, it would have done enough damage).

And then Jim teases Blair at the end by not answering his question about whether it was a typical day. This also sort of brings home the fact that Blair doesn't really know very much about the police.

=== Characters

  • refers to his mother calling him (possible contradiction with later episodes)
  • needs to be in control (ref him reading Blair the riot act about the "thin blue line" thing)
  • feels overly responsible when crooks get away (ref remark in conversation with Carolyn)
  • is erratic at hiding his abilities when he uses them, still doesn't have calibration to always know whether what he senses is within normal range or not
  • ignores Jim's suggestions if he doesn't agree (ref him ignoring Jim's advice about the "thin blue line" thing)
  • has a history of lying to women (ref his prayer behind the vending machine, lots of women, lots of lies)
  • can be very resourceful! (ref trying to get out of the building via window-cleaning thing by smashing window, use of the flair gun in helicopter)
  • can lie really creatively under pressure
  • Simon and Jim appear to have been friends or friendly for a while, since Jim already knows Daryl, though he hasn't seen him in years.
  • Simon also doesn't appear to connect with Daryl very well, though he does love him.
  • likes to bet on things. This was hinted at in "Switchman", in her conversation with Simon, but there it wasn't clear who had initiated the bet. Here, it is made clear that she was the one who initiated the bet with Jim about her sister's marriage.

=== Senses

  • smells Vera's "white shoulders" perfume
  • is overwhelmed by the smell of the sewer
  • smells the gasoline of the police garage
  • feels the warmth of the welding of the door to the stairs
  • smells the skin bracer of the bad-guy on the other side of the door
  • hears the helicopter coming
  • hears people in hallway

Observed by:

  • Simon (touch, smell, hearing)

=== Favourite Bits

Blair and the vending machine.

Jim and Simon taking out the first guard and the baddies thinking that Ellison is dead.

"I flew Apaches in Desert Storm!"

"This wasn't like a typical day for you, was it?"