Page Design

The Meaning

Yes, this page has got groove, it's got meaning. If you want to puzzle it out for yourself, then don't read this!

Still here?


The first bit of symbolism in this is the title logo on the main page. The T in the middle of Sentinels represents the cross of Christ, with a halo around it to remind us that the Light of the World died for our sins (and rose again!).

The colours were chosen deliberately: green for life, white for purity, blue for spiritual things.

The green vine background is for the fact that the Sentinel awoke to his powers in the Jungle; it alludes to green and growing things of Life; and the Vine is also representative of Christ, the Vine.

The dark blue water side-navigation image is blue for spiritual things, because whenever Jim, the Sentinel, encounters the spiritual in dreams and visions, everything is blue -- blue represents the spirit world. The water also alludes to Blair's own encounter with the spirit world, when he died and Jim brought him back again... and when Blair talked about it to Jim, he said "Come on in, the water's fine." This could also be an allusion to death and resurrection, since Blair's death was by drowning. And of course, we have a reference to Christ again, since he is the Living Water, who washes away our sins.

The Mundanities

White was also chosen as the background because black on white is much easier to read!

The graphics on this page were designed by Kathryn A, using GIMP.

The "Sentinels For Christ" title was done with (I think) Agency font. The T's were manipulated by hand, to make crosses. This was then used as the basis for the design, using GIMP layers and one of the "land and sea" gradients done as a radial fill.

The vine design was drawn by Kathryn A as part of a larger border, which was scanned in, a segment chopped out of it as a new image, which was then edited with GIMP, first touched up so that it repeated seamlessly, then manipulated with lots of layers and filters and suchlike.

The dark blue water border was taken from the Water pattern, which was then coloured dark blue, again with GIMP.