Space: Above And Beyond and Blake's 7

How do SAAB and Blake's 7 compare, particularly their endings?

(Post to Blake's 7 mailing list, Mon, 20 Jul 1998)

SAAB rocks.

To be less succinct, the ending of SAAB compares favourably with the end of Blake's 7, though of course it has a different tone, because the whole show had a different tone. Ironic, rather than tragic. Obvious comparison: they're dead, Jim. Well, half of them are probably dead. And the rest are left in a completely different situation. That's pretty much ending it with a bang, except that the end of Blake's 7 has a bit more closure, IMHO.

Other comparisons:

  • Avon spent all this time searching for Blake, only to shoot him.
  • West spent all this time looking for Kylen, only to find that staying with his mates (to use the Aussie term) was more important to him than staying with her.
  • Vila spent all his time being a coward, only to do something heroic at the end.
  • Wang started off his term being afraid that he would be shouted at, and dies heroically, shouting.

Ironic, ain't it.

Kathryn A