Jumping To Babylon

The Mythic Well:
a comparision of some aspects of Babylon 5 and Tolkien's Middle Earth, and the "Mythic Well" they dip into;
by Annie Hamilton <heartsease at powerup⋅com⋅au>.

  • part I (Intro; Vorlons and Valar)
  • part II (origins of Earendil and Entil'zha)
  • part III (Norse mythology, Orpheus, and "The Hand")
  • part IV (Arthurian Legend and Beren & Luthien; Dwarves and Narns)
  • part V (Blake's 7; Z'ha'Dum)
  • part VI (Talia and Sleeping Beauty; The Telepaths and the Silvan Elves)

Kinds of Death: looking at the Death of Personality in Babylon 5 and Alfred Bester's The Demolished Man; by Kathryn A.

Episode Reviews

Here are some Babylon 5 quotes, that you might find interesting.

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