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The Letter

Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 02:54:31 EST
Subject: "Bureau 13"

Good evening,
Apparently you are unaware that "Bureau 13" is the copyrighted and registered property of TriTac Games. Mr. Straczynski used it in one episode of "Babylon Five", we immediately contacted him, and he never used the term again because we own it.

You may, of course, write all the fan fiction you wish involving "Bureau 13". But you are strictly prohibited from attempting any professional sale, and in your fan fic you must list the copyright as belonging to TriTac Games 1983. The exact same way you must list the copyright of "Babylon Five" to JMS and Babylonian Productions.

The property of "Bureau 13" does not belong to JMS or Babylonian Productions. It belongs to us.

Please add the copyright notice to your web page, or we will be forced to seek legal action.

Nicholas Pollotta, SFWA, GWA
Nick Pollotta - Novel Ideas

Richard Tucholka
Tri Tac Games

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My Comments

These guys have as much sense as the suits they wear. It's obvious to anyone with half a brain that Jenny Hayward's story "Voice From The Past" has got nothing to do with their game called "Bureau 13". In fact, the words "Bureau 13" do not appear in the said story at all, only in the description, so they are sabre-rattling for nothing! Surely a story description is covered by Fair Use, hmmm?