Refractions #4

Refractions 4 cover

This is a special one-story issue, larger than the usual size and the story is...

Patterns of Light and Shadow by Isoline Sanderson (Babylon 5)

When Ambassador Sinclair decides to have a holiday, guess where he decides to go? Garibaldi thought that his worst problem would be keeping it a secret, so that Jeff could have some peace, but when Jeff goes out on a routine patrol that vanishes without a trace, keeping it secret suddenly becomes the least of his problems...

This is a novel set after Confessions & Lamentations, and approximately three weeks prior to the events in Divided Loyalties. This version has been revised from the version that first appeared on the Babylon 5 fiction mailing list.

Illustrated by Mary O'Connor and Kathryn Andersen. 75100 words. 84 pages. Parchment paper covers.

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