Comments on Enarrare 10

Kathryn Andersen:

Regarding the illustrations in Enarrare #10, I shall describe them (having just received my contributor's copy). There are two by me, one of McQueen (which, as I like him so much, I am sad that I couldn't make it utterly wonderful) and one of Hawkes, both 3/4 page. There are two by Annie, one of Ross, which is fine, and one of Wang, which I rather like. All of them are at least 3/4 page big. Then there are two delicious photos of McQueen (one in colour). They make me itch to get my pen going...

And then there's the cover. I love the cover. It is full of symbolism, as well as looking good. It's full-colour, and I don't think I'll try to describe it, because it would come out sounding all flat.

And as for the contents... whee! I love the whole thing. She has done something you don't see all that often - a good handle on the characters, a good handle on the continuity, and deep thought about what is really going on, which makes you think twice about what you thought you knew about the series. She's doing the same kind of thing for SAAB as Ana Dorfstad did for Blake's 7 with her "Pattern of Infinity" series (for those Blake's 7 fen among you - yes, it is that good). As for the second-season-ness, well, all the stories are set within the series-as-aired, but from talking to the author, I know she has continuations planned (and I am really looking forward to reading the next bits when she does write them).