Faith Manages?

“If I do not see you again here, we will meet again at the end of time, where there are no shadows”
    – Delenn to Sheridan, Confessions & Lamentations
Once, it was easy to believe.
When I thought that you would be the one who mourned
Easy, to offer you comfort for the pain you felt
Empty words, easy to say
Easy to be the one lost and not the one left behind
Who is there now to tell me that there is a future beyond the end of time?
To win a war, there must be sacrifices, you said
We are all volunteers, not victims
I did not try to stop you as you walked in to the flame
You never turned away from what we both knew must be done
No goodbyes
One life or a million, it’s all the same
But not when the life was yours
And it’s lonely, and it’s cold here without you.
How long will it be till the end of time?
Wait for me
Goodbye. I love you.
    – Alison Hopkins