Letters of Comment

Carol Mason, N.S.W. Australia

...I was really impressed with the first issue...

I'm not up on Ocean Girl, but I loved your poem Migration.

Bitter Wine was great, so in keeping with the show's characters, wish it had been a bit longer.

I really loved "Winning is the Only Safety", I'm looking forward to following the series, as I love both Blake's 7 and Highlander also I enjoy series as well.

Aftermath had me going and ending up laughing heaps, in the end I had to go and rewatch "Eyes" again so I had a good setting (visual) for the story. It was a first class effort. As was the entire zine. If that was your novice efforts I'm impressed and I'm waiting eagerly for my next installment.

Isoline Sanderson, MD USA

Oh -- the zine [Refractions #2] showed up a-okay -- the day after Cohorts 2 arrived -- pretty fast mail from Australia! (Much faster than mail from Japan at times...)

Haven't had a chance to do more than skim it yet, but it looks nice again!


[And that's all folks. I do appreciate the comments I have gotten here, but as I said, there doesn't seem much point in continuing this column. Of course there won't be a LoC column in #4 anyway, because that is coming out at the same time as #3. - ye editor.]